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news • November 22nd, 2021

JRE-Slovenija going GREEN: We are co-creating the sustainable tourism


Most members of the JRE Slovenia association have already obtained the Green Key certificate

At JRE Slovenia, members have taken the initiative to upgrade their existing green policy and formally incorporate it into their business.

Gašper Puhan, President of JRE-Slovenia and also the owner of the restaurant Galerija okusov said: “Our values are a never-ending passion for our profession, exchange of experiences, commitment to the highest standards and care for the local environment and terroir. This year, we are placing special emphasis on sustainability, as members have committed themselves to obtain the Green Key certificate.

Puhan also adds: "We believe that together with our members who have acquired sustainable certificates, we will successfully co-create sustainable tourism through initiatives and incentives in the field of sustainable development of the environment and society."

Guests can contribute to the protection of the environment

The green key is a voluntary eco-label awarded, the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. This prestigious eco-label represents a commitment by businesses that their premises adhere to the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education.

Environmental / Sustainable Label the Green Key assures all guests that by choosing a certified tourist facility, they directly contribute to the protection of the environment. Establishments - holders of this mark, maintain high environmental standards, as evidenced by strict documentation and frequent audits. (Source: greenkey.global)

Upon obtaining the Green Key, Gašper Puhan said: “We often describe our sector as a linear path from nature to a plate, but in reality, the guest is not the last stop. Through its visits to restaurants, it contributes to the realization of the values of all stakeholders, from farmers, growers, through restaurants, partners, and last but not least, all service providers in the tourism sector.

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Sustainable development

The Green Key program places great emphasis on informing and involving visitors in the sustainable and more environmentally friendly measures they implement in their facilities. It ensures that staff are well informed and properly trained in environmentally sound and sustainable practices, constantly looking for new - sustainable - ways of doing business and using technology, to reduce environmental impact by reducing resource consumption and waste, and operating costs.

The green key symbolizes a commitment to the environment and sustainable development that is extremely attractive to potential guests. Acquisition of the Green Key eco-label means an additional way of promotion, as the restaurant communicates to potential guests that it meets the strict environmental criteria and actively, comprehensively and systematically improves its sustainable business.

The criteria for restaurants/accommodations, according to which members have been assessed and certified, cover 13 areas, namely

(4) WATER,
(6) WASTE,

Within the field of ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, members demonstrated, among other things, active cooperation with the local community and with each other. They also demonstrated the active participation and encouragement of all stakeholders and the responsibility to spread green policy among them and thus become ambassadors of green policy.

With the acquisition of the Green Key - one of the internationally recognized sustainable or environmental signs recognized in the ZSST - and the signing of the GREEN POLICY OF SLOVENIAN TOURISM and the COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABLE GASTRONOMY OF SLOVENIA, the establishments will also meet the conditions for obtaining the Slovenia Green Cuisine / Accommodation Slovenian.