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Gašper Puhan

Fine dining, selecting wines, experiencing different flavors: this is the passion of the owner and sommelier Gašper Puhan. He knows that behind every good story is a good team. This is why he works together with chefs Marko Magajne and Marko Vršič, to give guests the best culinary experience they can have. The chefs are young, ambitious, and searching for something new. This creates a strong bond among members of the team, which adds to the stability and integrity of the restaurant.

Galerija okusov

Petrovče, Slovenia
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

The story begins in the baroque mansion in Novo Celje where restaurant Galerija okusov is housed, and takes off with the passion of the owner and sommelier Gašper Puhan. He believes that cooking is about connecting and sharing an authentic experience. While looking to the future, Gašper is endlessly inspired by the past. Galerija okusov's global culinary approach and a genuine foodie philosophy make this à la carte restaurant a dining destination unlike any other.

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