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Marko Pavčnik

Born in 1980, Chef Marko Pavnik holds an enviable reputation as an accomplished Slovenian culinary expert. He is a self-taught chef who represents one of the most prominent creators of modern Slovenian cuisine. He has won quite a few gold and silver medals at the Hospitality and Tourism Association of Slovenia contests in recognition of his creativity and success. When chef Marko Pavčnik creates new dishes he prefers to use local Laško beer and wild herbs. The chef encourages his guests to overcome their prejudices, customs and stereotypes, and be open to a new experience. Using local, traditional, and sometimes ‘wild’ ingredients, he creates elegant, yet efficient dishes. The courses have vibrant flavours and are well-balanced. Chef Marko Pavčnik’s style of cooking is authentically his own. He knows how to play, create, and impress. He is a perfectionist who is able to master modern techniques while also maximizing their use. He knows it is important to let the ingredients speak for themselves in every dish.

Pavus - grad Tabor Laško

Laško, Slovenia
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Restaurant Pavus is situated in a medieval castle that stands on a hilltop overlooking the town of Laško. A seasonal, creative, locally-sourced menu is served at Pavus Restaurant. It is among one of the most exciting dining destinations in Slovenia and ranked as one of the best in the country. Guests can enjoy their meal in the castle courtyard in summer and take shelter inside the cozy castle tower in winter. Chef Marko Pavčnik was pronounced Chef on the year 2022 by G&M and is best known for his creations with wild food.

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