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Igor Jagodic

Chef Igor Jagodic: a culinary master blending tradition and innovation

At the iconic Ljubljana Castle, a culinary masterpiece has been thriving since 2012, thanks to the skilled hands and creative mind of chef Igor Jagodic. As the driving force behind the acclaimed Strelec restaurant, the chef has made a name for himself by infusing classic French cuisine with modern techniques and a touch of local charm. With an emphasis on balanced flavours and aesthetic appeal, he has gathered prestigious awards and accolades that attest to his culinary competence.

Restavracija Strelec

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Nestled within the captivating Ljubljana Castle, Restaurant Strelec stands tall as a gastronomic gem that entices visitors from around the world. This enchanting dining establishment offers an unparalleled experience that blends history, charm, and culinary finesse.

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A fusion of classic French and local ingredients

Chef Jagodic's working principal centres around the timeless principles of classic French cuisine. He expertly connects its techniques to create dishes that boast a harmonious blend of flavours and textures. However, the chef goes beyond tradition, incorporating the richness of local ingredients to add a unique Slovenian touch to his creations. This fusion of culinary heritage and regional abundance results in dishes that captivate the taste buds and celebrate the essence of Slovenian gastronomy.

Aesthetics as the heart of the craft

For Igor a dish is not merely a combination of flavours; it should be a work of art. The aesthetic presentation of his culinary creations is of the utmost importance. Every plate that leaves his kitchen is a feast for the eyes, showing his artistic flair and attention to detail. The visual appeal of his dishes is as exquisite as their taste, making dining at Strelec an all-inclusive sensory experience.

A trail of awards and recognitions

The culinary world has taken notice of chef Jagodic's talent and dedication. In 2019, his exceptional work earned him the prestigious title of Gault & Millau Chef of the Year, further solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the industry. As a testament to his culinary brilliance, Strelec received its Michelin star in 2022, cementing its place among the finest restaurants globally.

A simple cooking philosophy

While chef Igor Jagodic's culinary skills are extraordinary, his approach to cooking remains refreshingly simple: "We only cook what we like", he says, emphasizing the importance of genuine passion and enjoyment in the kitchen. This philosophy translates into dishes crafted with heart and soul, resonating with diners on a deeply personal level.

Mentoring the next generation

Beyond his accomplishments at Strelec, chef Igor also dedicates his time to educating the next generation of culinary talents. He shares his expertise and knowledge as a teacher at the Secondary School for Gastronomy and Tourism in Ljubljana, nurturing aspiring chefs and inspiring them to strive for culinary excellence.