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Ago Špacapan

Špacapanova hiša is a family-run restaurant with connoisseurs of good food, drinks, music, and good company. Chef and sommelier Ago Špacapan is truly at home here, and always aims to make his diners feel at home as well, both with exquisite food as well as amazing wines. Serving traditional Slovenian cuisine from the Karst region, chef Ago Špacapan amazes his guests with incredible culinary inventions. The flavours of Karst are integrated into the dishes, which tell the stories of the Karst region and the love that is connected to it. Chef Ago Špacapan intertwines those tastes and stories to create harmony on every single plate presented to his guests.

Špacapanova hiša

Komen, Slovenia
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For almost half a century, restaurant Špacapanova hiša has been committed to promoting and developing the traditional Karst cuisine with a contemporary touch. This family-run establishment dates back to 1973, when the Špacapan family took over the old village inn. Chef and sommelier Ago Špacapan’s philosophy is to create uncomplicated cuisine using the best local ingredients available. This way, he presents diners with top-quality dishes that best represent the Karst region and its tradition.

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