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Tanja Pintarič

Grandparents Geza and Marija started the inn serving Slovenian fish, stews, and homemade bread. When restaurant Rajh moved to its current location in 1969, father Ignac and mother Marta expanded the menu to serve diners from Austria and the whole of former-Yugoslavia. But traditional favourites like bograč (traditional stew), boiled beef, and desserts like Prekmurje retaši always stayed on the menu. In 2005, the fourth generation took over restaurant Rajh. Chef Tanja Pintarič and sommelier Damir Pintarič remain true to the restaurant’s roots while updating it to a more modern version. By transforming the dishes originally prepared in Prekmurje, the team has brought new elements of freshness, flavour, and delight to the table. Chef Tanja Pintarič uses modern cooking trends. She does this in collaboration with grandmother Marija, who is still in the kitchen every morning. As well as father Ignac, who is the soul of the inn, and the children of the chefs, Valentina and Leon, who take care of the guests. 


Bakovci, Slovenia
MdH Membre d'Honneur

Restaurant Rajh in Bakovci is often described by locals as an embassy of the best gastronomy in the Prekmurje area. Chef Tanja Pintarič & sommelier Damir Pintarič serve high-end traditional Slovenian cuisine with an international touch at their family-run inn.

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