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Nina Čarman

Danilo is a restaurant with a long heritage. Grandfather Danilo Kosmačin bought the old inn in Reteče in 1961, renamed it ‘’Pri Danilu’’, and embarked on a food and culinary journey that continues today. His daughter Vesna and her husband Dušan took over and turned it into one of the best Slovenian restaurants. After that, in 2016 it was taken over by Nina and Gašper Čarman, a sister and brother who continue to operate a successful family business for the third generation. Chef Nina Čarman runs the Danilo kitchen today, utilizing fresh local ingredients to enhance creativity and bring in new flavours. Her respect for the tradition of her land and her heritage is reflected in the dishes she serves at restaurant Danilo.


, Slovenia
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

The renovated Danilo restaurant and wine shop were taken over by Gašper Čarman and his sister Nina in 2016. These two siblings are extremely proud of the successful family story they will pass down to the next generation. This charming inn, located outside of the capital, has been given a modern and minimalist look. This is true not only for the decor but also for the cuisine, which is contemporary while at the same time rooted in local traditions.

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