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Ksenija Mahorčič

The excellent cuisine of chef Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič shows respect for tradition and the land. Chef Ksenija believes that the preservation of the rural culture and heritage is necessary and extremely important. This is why the menu of restaurant Mahorčič contains traditional influences of the Brkini and Karst region. Chef Ksenija’s belief is that food reflects our view of the world and our ability to remain authentic. Cooking for her is an expression of her imagination. It reflects her childhood, her growth, and her values. Her partner, sommelier Martin Mahorčič, was trained as a chef and is an excellent sommelier. He takes care of a diverse selection of wine labels in his wine collection and perfectly pairs them with Ksenija’s dishes.


Rodik, Slovenia
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Restaurant Mahorčič is located in the village of Rorik, on the border of the Karst and Brkini region, where a rich culinary tradition is cherished. The cooking style of chef Ksenija Mahorčič characterizes the region and its heritage by giving them a contemporary twist. This way, the restaurant aims to build new traditions for future generations.

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