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Uroš Fakuč

A true culinary visionary, chef Uroš Fakuč creates a comprehensive gastronomic experience for his diners. He finds inspiration in the Mediterranean cuisine and in the challenges presented by top-quality and magically combined ingredients. Cooking has been his passion ever since he was a child. He started his business career initially in the hotel industry, but then his work in the kitchen completely took over. Or rather: Uroš took over the kitchen. Where his parents once ran a butcher, delicatessen shop and bar, he opened his very own restaurant. What used to be Uroš' childhood dream now is his life. The Michelin-starred chef truly knows how to create food that leaves a lasting impression. Uroš has all the experience necessary to experiment with flavours and ingredients, as well as all the qualities that make him a fabulous cook.

DAM Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

Nova Gorica, Slovenia
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Intimacy, charm, and elegance are the main characteristics of the ambiance at DAM restaurant. Situated in Nova Gorica, slightly off the beaten track a couple of kilometers out of town, the restaurant’s interior decor boasts an urban-chic ambiance. Here, you will be impressed by the relaxed atmosphere, pleasant music, and excellent culinary enjoyment. On warm days you can enjoy your food and drinks outdoors, in the beautiful garden. Chef Uroš Fakuč is constantly present at this restaurant, assuring that diners are well served both in the kitchen and at a table.

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