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Leon Pintarič

Leon Pintarič, a proud member of the fifth generation, actively shapes the narrative of Gostilna Rajh. His culinary expertise is a reflection of the knowledge passed down from his grandmother and mother, Tanja Pintarič. Gostilna Rajh's foundation lies in the collaboration with local food and product producers, who craft a range of traditional and innovative Prekmurje specialties. Leon takes immense pride in preserving the restaurant's illustrious history while eagerly embracing the opportunity to co-create the future with valued guests. Remaining faithful to the restaurant's heritage, he infuses a modern twist into the cuisine, incorporating fresh ingredients and modern cooking trends. Every ingredient on the plate carries its distinct name, origin, heritage, and story. Rajh Restaurant thrives on its inherent characteristics of hospitality, homeliness, authenticity, and a relaxed dining experience. The infusion of youthful energy, brought forth by each new generation, has elevated Prekmurje cuisine to remarkable culinary heights, solidifying its place on the gastronomic map of Slovenia.


Bakovci, Slovenia
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Rajh in Bakovci is often described by locals as an embassy of the best gastronomy in the Prekmurje area. Chef Tanja Pintarič & sommelier Damir Pintarič serve high-end traditional Slovenian cuisine with an international touch at their family-run inn.

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