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Jure Tomič

A passionate chef who delivers Slovenian haute-cuisine 

Chef and sommelier Jure Tomič has turned the Balkan grill, which still occupies a prominent position in the heart of the kitchen at restaurant Debeluh, into high-cuisine. Chef Jure’s dishes are simple, but the ingredients are always top quality, and he uses both traditional and creative cooking methods. While he keeps an eye on the global food market, he respects his native soil, climate, customers, and heritage. His amazing ‘cake’ of beef tartare with foie gras has already become a favorite among diners. Next to being a great chef, Jure Tomič is also an exceptional sommelier. He represented Slovenia at the 2010 European Championships in Strasbourg, and he was crowned sommelier champion of Slovenia.

When I cook, I am bold and unpredictable. When I serve, I turn guests into friends.

Jure Tomič


Brežice, Slovenia
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This restaurant’s curious name “Debeluh” literally means “fat man”. This should give you an indication of the type of cuisine served here: exquisite traditional food, full of strong and beautiful flavours. Debeluh is a rural restaurant where hospitality is the main ingredient. As soon as you walk in, you are offered a choice of five champagnes and four sparkling wines along with the suggestion to give in to the restaurant’s charm. With four, six, eight, or eleven courses, the tasting menus offer a wide range of culinary options that will not disappoint even the most demanding gourmet.

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