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destination • September 22nd, 2022

Destination: Styria, Slovenia


Styria is a fascinating and diverse region located within thermal Pannonian Slovenia, an area of great natural beauty. Healing thermal baths and ancient vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see. As well as delicious local wines, Styria serves up authentic and hearty cuisine with produce being supplied by the multitude of local farms. A visit to Styria will open your eyes to a history full of stories of castles and noble families as you explore and enjoy.

Cuisine in Styria

Slovenia is known for its greenness and sustainability and no more can this be seen in the foods of the various regions. The region of Styria is best known for its wines, breads and thousands of farinaceous or starch based dishes. From strudel, to hotpots, omelettes to fig loaves, the culinary region of Styria is one to be enjoyed. As their local saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and that is certainly the case in Styria.

Sightseeing in Styria

This region of Slovenia is best known for its healing thermal spas. With thirteen to choose from, there is something for everybody’s taste, from more adult focussed spa days to thermal baths full of fun for all the family. As well as the thermal baths Styria is also home to the famous mineral waters Donat Mg and Radenska known for their healthy properties and deliciously refreshing nature. Styria is a region steeped in history that you can discover as you explore through the historic towns of Ptuj, Celje, Novo mesto, Kostanjevica na Krki, Žužemberk and Metlika. There are also an abundance of castles where you will be taken back to the days of old and can discover the local traditions such as herbalism, cheese making and chocolate making.

JRE Styrian Chefs

With excellent produce come excellent restaurants and chefs. JRE is proud to be working with some of the most exciting new chefs in the region.

Restavracija Mak, brain child of head chef David Vračko, who would look more at home on a rock stage than in a restaurant, is a delight to visit. The Avant Garde kitchen serves up genuine art creations that are not only beautiful on the plate, but also taste delicious. Named Chef of the Future by Gault & Millau Slovenia, this maestro is certainly one to watch.

Owner Gašper Puhan has combined his passion for fine dining, an incredible selection of wines and his joy at experiencing different flavours at his restaurant Galerija Okusov. Using local ingredients from neighbourhood producers, combined with global culinary approaches, his head chef Marko Magajne is cooking up a culinary storm in the region.

At Restavracija Pavus expect the unexpected. Chef Marko Pavčnik creates new dishes often using Laško beer and wild herbs. In doing so he encourages his guests to overcome their prejudices, customs and stereotypes and to allow themselves to be dazzled by his mastery of modern techniques. He loves to play, create and impress and encourages all of his guests to do the same. The seasonal menu draws from the surrounding land and blends old and new seamlessly..

Restaurant Gostilna Repovž is certainly a family affair where tradition and modernity are keen bedfellows. Grega Repovž is a great lover of good food as well as excellent lesser-known wines. His relentless enthusiasm ensures the continued success of the vision conceived by his parents, Meta and Jože, and, prior to that, of Jože’s parents. The intertwining of multiple generations is reflected in the food and atmosphere. Meta reigns in the kitchen, ably assisted by her daughter-in-law Sabina, while Grega and his sister Urška and brother Anže take care of the guests.