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news • June 19th, 2024

Follow the Michelin Stars in Slovenia


The prestigious gastronomic guide has once again highlighted Slovenia's top culinary achievements. Discover which restaurants were included in the Michelin guide and which received Michelin stars, Bib Gourmand awards, and green stars.

Slovenia: A Proud Member of the Global Culinary Elite

Slovenian gastronomy ranks among the global elite, as confirmed by the presence of the Michelin guide, which focuses on destinations with exceptional and consistent culinary offerings. This is thanks to the outstanding chefs and their teams, who ensure unique culinary experiences through their creativity, dedication, and hard work. They are rooted in rich tradition and leverage the gifts of pristine nature, collaborating sustainably with numerous producers of top-quality ingredients and winemakers.

Michelin 2024: A New Star in the Slovenian Culinary Sky

The Michelin guide for 2024 features 63 restaurants, including 22 members of JRE-Slovenia, showcasing the continual progress in Slovenian gastronomy. Hiša Franko, led by chef Ana Roš, has once again retained its three Michelin stars and green Michelin star. Restavracija Milka maintains its two stars, while seven one-star restaurants are joined by Restavracija Pavus at Grad Tabor above Laško, under the leadership of chef Marko Pavčnik, also a member of the JRE-Slovenia board.

JRE-Slovenia Members Who Are Michelin Star Recipients:

Bib Gourmand Awards

In addition to the prestigious stars, the Michelin guide 2024 also features 5 new restaurants with the Bib Gourmand designation, including Gostilna Rajh with Tanja and Leon Pintarič and Gostilna Mahorčič with chef Ksenija Mahorčič.

Leading in Green Michelin Stars

With eight restaurants boasting the green star for sustainability, Slovenia once again ranks first among European countries in the number of green Michelin stars per capita, according to the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO). Among the green star recipients are:

 Congratulations to all the recipients and best wishes for continued success!