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news • June 27th, 2022



After two very successful events and fairs in 2018 at Internorga and 2020 at Intergastra in Germany, JRE-Origins organised a completely independent food fair with Germany's best manufacturers for the first time this year. The event took place at the truly spectacular location; the production site of 'Keltenhof' near Stuttgart. While micro leaves and wild herbs are in full bloom here, you could get to know the people behind them. The innovators of today's food industry, who provide gastronomy and retail with valuable and original food products - in short, the concept of JRE-Origins. In between, Master Classes by JRE-Chefs from Europe and Germany guarantee exceptional taste experiences. All this in a relaxed atmosphere and exclusively for decision-makers in the food industry. Following the fair, the legendary "Keltenhof & Friends Party" took place on Sunday evening.


Day after day, members of the JRE-Origins conjure up the most delicious ingredients and products for chefs and gourmets.  "A product is only as good as its origin", one of them once said. And that is why only the best of the best producers are eligible for membership in this new association. JRE Chefs and the best small gourmets and producers from a culinary symbiosis in an unsurpassed network of quality and enjoyment. JRE-Origins stands for absolute quality, guaranteed sustainability and strict preservation of regional and variety specialities. Their aim is to support, stimulate and inspire each other and to exchange innovations and information. Everyone's team spirit is to take on new dimensions...

JRE-Origins Fair

Keltenhof was the center of the great first edition of JRE-Origins & Friends. For 2 days the best manufacturers showed their amazing products in the Keltenhof gardens while people where able to take a tour and see all about the growing of micro leaves.

Patrick von Vacano from Original Beans was the host for the event and interviewed JRE President Daniel Lehmann about JRE and JRE-Origins. Daniel talked about the importance of small producers for the top gastronomy all over Europe.

JRE Chefs Philippe Lowette from Bistro Philippe in Belgium, Annett Teich from Restaurant BK in France, Marko Karelse from Villa la Ruche in The Netherlands, Grega Repovž from Gostilna Repovž in Slovenia, Teresa Gutiérrez from Azafrán in Spain and Mark Dixon from The Kings Arms Flegg in The United Kingdom visited to fair and got introduced by the JRE-Origins. While Chef Jesús Modereo form Palio gave a presentation 'How to make Bread' and Daniel Canzian from Restaurant Daniel in Italy gave a Masterclass Pasta with Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese and Pastificio dei Campi pasta. He explained the best way of making spaghetti with lemon.

In the afternoon JRE-Germany awarded the students 2021 and 2022 form the JRE Genussakademie with their certificates. The JRE-Origins thanked Alexander Dressel for all his great work during his presidency in the German JRE Board. At the end of the ceremony Daniel Lehmann presented the JRE-Awards 2022.

The weekend ended with a leggendary "Keltenhof & Friends Party" where German JRE Chefs Viktoria Fuchs form Spielweg, Iris Bettinger from Reuter and Michael Oettinger from Hotel Hirsch created the most incredible dishes. After dinner the parry started with a great band and food & drinks from all JRE-Origins.

After the weekend the International JRE chefs visited BeckaBeck a very special bakery that is part of JRE-Origins. Patrick von Vacano from Original Beans gave a chocolate tasting and the project ended with a nice dinner at Hotel Hirsch.