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Swabian bakery & patisserie


Our Swabian recipe: Every day something special

BeckaBeck is known as a traditional artisan bakery from the Swabian Jura. It is his great love for the region that drives Heiner Beck, the owner of BeckaBeck, to do more than just produce particularly good baked goods.


Römerstein, Germany

Heinrich Beck

Heiner Beck was named Indulgence Ambassador of the State of Baden-Württemberg in 2019 and Baker of the Year 2021. The award-winning baker feels deeply connected to his homeland, the Swabian Jura. In addition to making good baked goods, he always felt motivated to strengthen this region. When he took over the business from his father, he knew that he wanted to be a different baker. It was important to him to have goals and to leave a mark.

A bag full of Beckis contains the full variety of shapes of our bakery trade. From thick to thin, from grainy to crispy – no Becki is like the other. Enjoy the difference and look forward to crispy rolls with real character.
"It has to taste good, come from the region and if it's organic, it's great," says ownerHeiner. Our yeast wreath is the result of a fundamentally honest philosophy of enjoyment - organic milk, organic flour, organic eggs, but no organic coarse sugar. Heiner Beck has not yet found one type of sugar that he really likes. That is why the yeast wreath is not advertised as a fully organic product.
Day after day, with patience, passion and craftsmanship, we form a strong, wholesome piece of home from 100% red Albdinkel spelt. The Älblerbrot is regional, organic, and a sign that the grain has found its home on the Swabian Alb permanently.

A lot of nice, competent and down-to-earth people are united here who, like us, value good raw materials and good taste. I am happy to be part of this.

Heinrich Beck

Owner BeckaBeck Bäckerei und Konditorei

Ancient grain, herbs & fruit from the Swabian Alb

Over twenty years ago, Heiner Beck and 40 contract farmers began reintroducing old grains to the Swabian Jura. Today, only organic grain is grown and processed here. Products made from Swabian Alb spelt, Swabian Alb wheat, Swabian Alb rye and Swabian Alb herbs are his trademarks. Recently, Alb caraway, Alb poppy and Alb linseed have also been cultivated.

Healthy start of the day

The bakery at BeckaBeck still relies on real craftsmanship. For Heiner Beck, starters and sourdoughs, as well as long dough processes, have always been a given. He has known for a long time that good and wholesome bread needs time as an important ingredient. A study by the University of Hohenheim has now proven this scientifically. In addition to making it easier to digest, this time, which is given to the dough to rest and mature, naturally also allows aromas and flavours to develop. Only the finest ingredients, workmanship, and passion can be used to create high-quality, honest baked goods.


Where to find

BeckaBeck Unter Lau 3 72587 Römerstein Germany

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