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authentic spirits & liqueurs

Lantenhammer Destillerie

Lantenhammer Destillerie: authentic spirits & liqueurs

In 1928, Amalie and Josef Lantenhammer founded their very own distillery in the Schliersee region in Bavaria, Germany: Lantenhammer Destillerie. When the Second World War began, the couple had to close their business. But after the war had ended and the 1948 Currency Reform was introduced, Josef decided to invest his first German Marks in the re-establishment of his company. Today, the distillery is run by third-generation family member Anton Stetter and is gloriously thriving. The company has a team of highly trained distillers who are always on the lookout for new and tasty alcohol distillates and discoveries, from filtered brandies to fruity liqueurs and vinegar. In 2014, owner Anton also opened an “experience distillery” in Hausham, which is considered one of Europe’s most modern distilleries. Traditional Bavarian architecture on the outside, innovative technology on the inside: this is the perfect place to experience for yourself how hand-picked fruits from the best regions are transformed into delicious fine distillates.

Lantenhammer Destillerie

Hausham / Schliersee, Germany

Anton Stetter

In 2009, owner Anton Stetter took over his family business Lantenhammer Destillerie. Anton Stetter completed his apprenticeship at Siemens, got his degree in business administration and then gained experience in the US.  While honouring Lantenhammer’s history and traditions, Anton is always looking for new ways to further develop his distillery. In doing so, he surely doesn’t shy away from challenges. On the contrary: he’s driven by taking on complex and innovative projects. Among one of these projects is the distillery’s three-year-old Slyrs, which Lantenhammer has been offering since 1999. This is a single malt whiskey, made with the best Bavarian grains and Alpine spring water, and aged in new barrels of American white oak.

LANTENHAMMER fine distillates
Lantenhammer Destillerie produces the finest fruit distillates and liqueurs, carefully processed, distilled and matured for several years in historic clay vessels. Because of their natural mildness and pure aromas, the spirits at Lantenhammer make an excellent impression.
RUMULT Bavarian Rum
This unique rum is the pride of Bavaria. Gently fermented, distilled and barrel matured in the unique climate of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. The result is a genuine Bavarian rum with delicious exotic overtones.
JOSEF Organic Bavarian Gin
JOSEF gin is a Bavarian dry organic gin made from a special selection of botanicals such as hay flowers, juniper and elderberries, combined with historical copper stills.
SILD Whiskey
The unique distillation art of the Bavarian whiskey pioneers from Schliersee and the North Frisian ingredients and storage facilities on Sylt make this whiskey a unique spirit.

“Our goal is to create unique moments that are in harmony with nature, are sustainable, and have the power to connect people.”

Anton Stetter

Lantenhammer Destillerie

High-quality ingredients

Lantenhammer’s liquid treats are considered as the Mercedes among fine brandies. The recipe is deceptively simple: all you need is Upper Bavarian spring water, fresh mountain air, hand-picked edible fruits, a large copper kettle and a bunch of years to properly age the liquor in earthenware pots.  At Lantenhammer, the passion for the art of distilling always encourages efforts to grow. With a clear focus Focusing on the origin of the fruit, quality, the most careful processing and avoiding artificial and nature-identical additives, the young, dynamic team of master distiller and managing director Tobias Maier creates unique products.

Lantenhammer distillers team

A warm interaction between each other, the willingness to learn from others, and the desire to always create something great are the characteristics of the Lantenhammer team. Without exception, the distillers are trained in-house and are therefore part of the Lantenhammer family from the start.  A central focus of the team is to consistently exceed the quality of their products at their highest level. Natural ingredients and gentle, professional processing without additives or artificial aromas ensure top-of-the-line products of the utmost quality.

Lantenhammer Adventure Distillery

In July 2014, Lantenhammer returned from nearby Schliersee to its home in Hausham. Here you can now find one of the most modern distilleries in Europe with a visitor center and shop: The Lantenhammer Adventure Distillery. Awarded “Distillery of the Year 2020 & 21”, the Lantenhammer distillery continually sets new standards in the spirits market. Curious to try these adventurous spirits? You can taste the exciting liquors at their beautiful shop and see which ones you like best yourself!


Where to find

Lantenhammer Destillerie GmbH Anton Stetter Josef-Lantenhammer-Platz 1 83734 Hausham / Schliersee Germany

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