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Beautiful rose spreads by Sven Jacobsen


Rosenfeines: beautiful rose spreads by Sven Jacobsen

Sven Jacobsen is the owner of Rosenfeines, a big rose garden in Nordstrand, Germany. Here, 11 varieties of roses grow on 700 rose bushes on his property that spans around 11500 square meters. In addition to his own garden, Sven harvests the Sylter Rose blossoms from wild rose bushes on Sylt. These rose petals are the fragrant ingredient for 12 different types of fine rose blossom spreads. Only untreated, unsprayed roses are used in the special jam. Using their intensive aromas and tastes, the spreads can be used in a variety of ways in creative cuisine and guarantee the best taste. Sven Jacobsen is constantly developing new ideas and rose variations. By doing so, he can maximize the potential of his flowers and expand his product line.

Sven Jacobsen

Sven Jacobsen is a farmer by heart, with a master's certificate. Today, he is a rose farmer and owner of a jam factory. In 1985, he took over the rose garden on the dike from his grandfather and initially used it to grow grain and raise pigs. However, he soon realized that the company was too small for great success. This was the incentive for him and his wife to switch things up and create their dream garden.  In 1990, the two opened their first farm shop and grew fruit, mainly strawberries. It all began with an old family recipe for strawberry and rose jelly, which was the start of the company Rosenfein. It inspired Sven Jacobsen to come up with the idea for his rose petal spreads. The man with the straw hat – Sven’s trademark look – wanted to capture the pure aroma of each individual rose variety. Using a few experiments and recipe changes, he was able to create single-variety spreads from the "queen of flowers".

Countess Hardenberg Unique rose petal spread, a delightful experience.
Rosy aroma with a strong elderberry note.
Jude the obscure Unique rose petal spread, mild in flavour.
A very fresh, lemony rose aroma.
ROSE DE RESHT Unique rose petal spread, with a strong flavour.
A strong rose scent without the perfume impression often associated with rose products.

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Sven Jacobsen

Owner Rosenfeines

North Sea beach

The green heart of the North Beach Wadden Sea lies within the unique world of Halligen in Schleswig-Holstein's North Sea Wadden Sea. About a century ago, the island was connected to the mainland by a dike for coastal protection, and it's now a peninsula. There is a fresh North Sea climate here, and you can always feel a harsh breeze whistling over the dike. The ideal climate for Sven Jacobsen's rose cultivation: not too hot during summer, and not too cold in winter. Additionally, the wind keeps pests away from the roses and prevents fungal infestations.

Fragrant edibles

Rose blossoms on bread, or with cheese: if you know how roses smell, then you also know how delicate rose blossom spreads taste. Stunning, flowery, delicate, intensely flavoured, and beguilingly delicious. To achieve this, Sven Jacobsen picks the rose heads immediately after they have blossomed, as this is when their full aroma unfolds. He carefully plucks off the petals, purees them with water to a rosy pulp and cooks them with jam sugar in a 1:1 ratio. This goes into the jar, is sealed airtight and voila: your rose spread is done. You can use it on your croissant or mix it with yoghurt, but you can also mix it with butter and sea salt to make rose butter, marinate roasts with it or add it to a cheese platter. There's no doubt about it in culinary terms: those who have discovered Rosesfeines’ delicacies are definitely entering "rosy times"!


Where to find

Rosenfeines - Sven Jacobsen Osterdeich 106 25845 Nordstrand Germany
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