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A cheese farm founded by three friends

Käse Kober

Käse Kober: a cheese farm founded by three friends

At Käse Kober, Markus Kober and his team make more than 180 different types of cheese. For 26 years, they have been one of the pioneers of an old cheese tradition of high craftsmanship in Germany. Originally from Schleswig-Holstein, Markus is credited with establishing German cheese traditions of high artisanal art. Together with his colleagues Dobbin Lange and Hanjo Schlüter, Markus Kober aims to revolutionize German cheese culture in actual regionality and justify its unique aroma. A passion for creating cheese that is eco-friendly and fantastically aromatic has now become a career. The cheese refiners from Itzehoe conjure up exclusive cheeses from the raw base ingredients of small European dairies. Whether Kobunder Kaas, buttery soft Remeker Ryp made from Jersey milk which is rich in fat and carotene or the fantastically creamy "Cam-mäh" camembert: you’ll find them all here.

Käse Kober

Itzehoe, Germany

Markus Kober, Dobbin Lange & Hanjo Schlüter

In the far north, cheese lover Dobbin Lange became a company manager. As fate would have it, this was exactly where his long-time friend Markus Kober had been refining cheese in an affinage for nearly 20 years.  They met up for a beer, and IT project manager Hanjo Schlüter joined them to complete the trio. That evening it turned out the three men had one thing in common: they all had a similar life situation. In their respective fields, each was professionally successful, but also heartily unhappy with their job. It was time for a change. The three men decided on a new beginning together. Their plan was to turn the local cheese world upside down with Markus Kober's little affinage and to become the new face of good cheese in Germany. The three-man start-up company has blossomed into a flourishing company with 15 employees in three years. 

Grisette Ziegentaler from Münster
Creamy on the tongue, this cheese has a very delicate goat aroma with slightly mineral notes from the rind. They become a bit spicy as they mature and the cheeses then dry off.
Dunkler Deichgraf from the North
This fine semi-hard cheese is washed with North German dark beer for two to three months to bring out its creamy consistency and fruitiness. With its beautifully fruity and slightly nutty taste, it’s no wonder this cheese is a favourite among many cheese lovers.
Young Shepherd cheese
A clean and pure feta cheese without any hassle. Genuine, authentic and straight terroir from the area of Rendsburg.

"Flavours are metabolic products of bacteria – the art is to influence them in such a way that our taste becomes completely infatuated.”

Dobbin Lange

Käse Kober

The history of German cheesemaking

What many people may not know is that up until just a few decades ago, cheese making did not exist in Germany. As opposed to cheese strongholds like France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, the preparation of cheese into an unmistakable quality product does not have an established tradition between the North Sea and the Alps. The German cheese market has also never placed much emphasis on enjoyment. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that in order to be on the safe side, top chefs have avoided cheese from Germany for a long time.

Inspired by the French

Dissatisfaction with local cheeses led the owners of Käse Kober to explore the French cheese craft of affineurs as early as the late 1990s. Years of cooperating with French affineurs who entrusted them with their cheeses for many years led them to set up their own maturing rooms and create a few kinds of cheese. Today, this has grown into a successful cheese farm with over 180 different types of high-quality cheese.

The art of cheese

Every day, the cheesemakers at Käse Kober deal with optimal maturation and the use of bacteria and cultures. But what’s equally important is the origin of the milk: the animals, the meadows and the nutrients that influence the taste of the cheese.  For many of Markus’ and Dobbin’s customers, the cheese at Käse Kober is art. For the makers, it is just good, honest craftsmanship. They surround themselves with agriculture, animals and meadows. They are the farmer's and cheesemaker's permanent partners, discussing recipes, adjusting cultures, and refining aromas.


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Käse Kober Oelixdorfer Straße 2 25524 Itzehoe Germany

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