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organic products by the Moßbacher family

Byodo Naturkost

Byodo Naturkost: organic products by the Moßbacher family

Byodo Naturkost is all about making organic products that are a feast for all of your senses. Run by the Moßbacher family for over 40 years, this German company has been offering the finest natural foods, made with tasty ingredients that are 100% organic. From vinegar and oil to snacks, spicy delicacies and original Italian pasta: each and every Byodo Naturkost product is made from superior quality ingredients and makes the heart of every food connoisseur beat a little faster. To guarantee the premium quality of the products, owners Michael Moßbacher and his spouse Andrea Sonnberger regularly visit partner suppliers and make sure the quality levels are under strict supervision. Byodo products are only sold at retailers who specialise in organic foods. In addition, the company offers a CateringLine which is specifically tailored to meet the special requirements of the catering industry.

Byodo Naturkost

Mühldorf, Germany

Stephanie Moßbacher

A dream came true for Byodo’s founder Michael Moßbacher and his partner Andrea Sonnberger when their daughter Stephanie Moßbacher joined the Byodo management. As a result, the future of the company is in safe hands. Stephanie now forms the new executive management team with Andrea Sonnberger, the managing owner. Michael Moßbacher had already stepped back from his active partner role earlier, in mid-2019. Thanks to the recommendation of star chef Alexander Huber, Byodo has been a proud founding member of the JRE network since 2016. JRE and Byodo share a commitment to sustainability, regionality, seasonality as well as the thoughtful handling of high-quality foods, combining both enjoyment and organic quality.

Vinegar and oil
Byodo vinegar and oils enrich every kitchen with their tasty variety. The natural aspect is particularly important to Byodo, which is why their organic vinegar and organic oils are produced as carefully, gently and naturally as possible, resulting in beautiful products for every kitchen.
Italian pasta
The fine Byodo pasta noodles made from 100% organic ingredients offer endless possibilities in their colourful variety. The addition of delicious gluten-free pasta rounds off the Byodo pasta range.
Spicy delicatessen
Dressings have the ability to add the finishing touch to a dish. Spicy delicatessen sauce, delicious mustard, but also the classic favourites ketchup and mayo: these fine dressings offer maximum enjoyment and 100% organic quality for every dish.

Nachhaltiger Genuss ist mir seit jeher ein großes Anliegen. Deshalb bin ich glücklich mit der Möglichkeit, als Managing Director von Byodo viele Menschen für einen nachhaltigen Lebensstil insprieren zu können.

Stephanie Moßbacher

Managing Director Byodo Naturkost GmbH

Striving towards success together

Byodo Naturkost GmbH is family-run and well prepared for the future. In 2018, the company structure changed significantly with the entry of the founder's daughter Stephanie Moßbacher and GLS Beteiligungs AG as co-partners. Byodo founder Michael Moßbacher left the management board in 2019 and was followed by co-owner Andrea Sonnberger in 2022.  Both are now concentrating on their roles as shareholders and are thereby supporting the new managing director Stephanie Moßbacher. Despite the changes, this entrepreneurial family is still united by the idea and motivation to be able to make at least a small contribution to the preservation of our earth, by offering high-quality ecological products.

100% Organic

At Byodo, everything is 100% organic. From its classic vinegar and baking and frying oils to fine mustard variations such as mango-balsamic mustard. Throughout the company's 35-year history of organic pioneering, many delicious premium products have been created that satisfy organic customers, connoisseurs, and star chefs.  Be inspired by fruity vinegar specialties, matured balsamic vinegar originals from Modena and noble premium oils from different parts of the world. The wide range of Byodo products includes spicy, mild and sweet mustard varieties, as well as intense, full-bodied sauces, dressings and spicy delicatessen products. And don’t forget the delicious organic snacks, fine desserts and of course the Italian pasta!

Organic variety for every kitchen

Byodo has been offering its products in bulk container format under the CateringLine brand for more than 20 years. This way, Byodo has been supplying restaurants and canteen kitchens with the finest organic products. Whatever the occasion, the Byodo CateringLine impresses every professional with recipes and product solutions that are tailored to the catering needs of professionals.


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Byodo Naturkost Leisederstrasse 2 84453 Mühldorf Germany

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Byodo Naturkost