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Exquisite Riesling wines

Nik Weis – St. Urbans-Hof

Nik Weis – St. Urbans-Hof: exquisite Riesling wines

Nicolaus Weis founded the Nik Weis - St. Urbans-Hof winery in 1947 after the patron saint of winegrowers. The winery is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Nik Weis, the grandson of Nicolaus' son Hermann, manages the 40 hectares of vineyards and a nursery. The vines planted here are nearly 90% Riesling vines. But Nik Weis emphasizes that he doesn't produce Riesling, but Mosel!  Riesling can be successfully cultivated in many wine-growing regions. However, Moselle wine is a thing in itself. Moselle wines are not just any Rieslings. They have a special character that you won't find anywhere else. A certain saltiness comes from the slate, which gives the wines a silky, smooth structure. Moselle wines are low in alcohol and very aromatic. On the other hand, Moselle wines can mature for a very long time.

Nik Weis – St. Urbans-Hof

Leiwen, Germany

Nik Weis

Having studied viticulture and oenology, Nik Weis has travelled to many countries and gained a thorough understanding of the international wine scene. He has worked in the family business since 1997. "I am what the French call a 'director'," he says of himself. "I have worked out the philosophy of our winery and I make all the important decisions for its implementation. My mission is to produce great and authentic Moselle wines that reflect their origins in flavour. Since 2000, our winery in Germany belongs to the Association of German Prädikat Wineries (VDP). In my own winery, I continuously rely on the combination of centuries-old tradition and innovation for the benefit of wine quality.” The winery now exports its Rieslings to 48 countries.

This Riesling is an authentic dry Moselle wine, with aromas of fresh fruit and a pleasant acidity. It is versatile, a real all-rounder.
This Riesling has a fruity residual sweetness, hearty acidity and mineral saltiness. It goes well with spicy Asian dishes.
Elegant, smoky Riesling with an herbal, spicy taste and full yellow fruit aromas. The perfect accompaniment to grilled meat and vegetables.

"The JRE are a confirmation of quality for me and an excellent culinary network. Just like JRE, I pay attention to the highest quality of my ingredients and food in order to achieve maximum enjoyment."

Nik Weis

Owner Weingut Nik Weis - St. Urbans-Hof

Slopes on the Moselle & Saar

On the Moselle and Saar, vines grown on clayey slate slopes are partly very old and ungrafted. The slate stores the heat of the day and releases it onto the vines at night. It gives the grapes a mineral, almost salty note, a taste "like the salt rim on the glass of a margarita cocktail," according to Nik Weis. At night, the cold air from the Hunsrück and the Eifel flows into the valley and cools the grapes.  This large difference in temperature from day to night is crucial for the development of aromas in Riesling. The winery's approximately 40 hectares of vineyards are scattered along the Moselle and Saar rivers, where they are cultivated in a traditional way. A total of five sites, where world-class Rieslings are grown, are classified as VDP.Grosse Lage sites.

White wine with a distinctive note

Smoky, fruity and slightly salty: the aromas of the wines at Weingut Nik Weis are reminiscent of pepper, clove and nutmeg, orange peel, grapefruit and quince. On offer are dry-tasting and fruity, noble-sweet wines. Gutsriesling for example is one of the dry wines. There is a fine acidity, a spicy and herbaceous aroma, and it's fresh. Due to its well-watered river sediment soils around the winery, it has a fine structure. A second example: the Saarriesling is the fruitier, juicier variant of the Gutsriesling and is light, full of finesse, round and harmonious with a touch of natural residual sweetness. Additionally, Nik Weis presses over 20 different wines a year, with different flavours. Each good drop has its own character despite sharing the same grape variety, cellar, and vintage.


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Weingut Nik Weis – St. Urbans-Hof Urbanusstraße 16 54340 Leiwen Germany

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