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High-quality spices

Spirit of Spice

How do you define pleasure?

The variety of spices makes it possible to take a culinary trip around the globe. This is exactly what Ute Bornholdt thought more than 15 years ago when she returned from one of her trips with lots of exotic spices in her luggage. Without further ado, she and her husband Edgar founded the spice and delicatessen manufactory Spirit of Spice.  Their handpicked spices and spice blends are of the highest quality and are produced in a responsible, transparent, and sustainable manner. These come from all over the world and are carefully processed and filled into attractive packaging and reusable mills. The spice mixtures are made using only the best, fairly grown and processed raw materials, which are 100% pure natural products without flavour enhancers or additives. The factory in Willich is constructed according to strict, sustainable criteria.

Spirit of Spice

Willich, Germany

Edgar Wolter & Ute Bornholdt

With a lot of passion, Ute Bornholdt and Edgar Wolter started their spice and delicatessen factory Spirit of Spice. "At the manufactory, we let the world come to us with our spices. We offer our customers high-quality, colourful and culinary variety without compromising on quality," says Ute Bornholdt. “We are a manufacturer with a clear message: we want to give back a little of what nature has given us. Our corporate philosophy is to operate sustainably and in harmony with the available resources," explains Edgar Wolter.

True to our motto: "Be just as brave as us!"

Discover the colourful variety of spices. More than 200 spices from Spirit of Spice are waiting to be discovered. Where will your spice journey take you?
Mixed spices
Whether allotment garden salt, divine seduction or Gomasio: try our special, self-created Spirit of Spice spice mixtures.
Risotto & Rice Spices
Milk boy, princess and pea or beetroot risotto: these Spirit of Spice risotto spices are perfect for your lunch break in the office, for a quick hunger in between meals or as a side dish. Why not try it out for yourself?

"Taking part in JRE offers a valuable opportunity for exchange and cooperation with people who work to preserve our cultural heritage of food. We enjoy interacting with them, and there is always something new to learn."

Edgar Wolter & Ute Bornholdt

Owners Spirit of Spice GmbH

Spirit of Spice: to good taste!

We are a manufacturer that only produces high-quality spices.

Spicy mixtures from the witch's kitchen

“We’re all called upon to do our part to stop climate change. Both consumers and entrepreneurs are equally responsible.” Edgar Wolter – Owner of Spirit of Spice


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Spirit of Spice Drahtzieherweg 3 47877 Willich Germany

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Spirit of Spice