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Exquisite natural wines

Mayer Weine

Mayer Weine: exquisite natural wines

The goal at Mayerhof winery is to produce honest and independent wines, instead of mass products that were designed for success. The wines they offer reflect the unique characteristics of the soils they cultivate and the microclimatic differences in the locations of their vineyards along the German Wine Route, from Bockenheim to Bad Dürkheim.

Mayer Weine

Grünstadt-Asselheim, Germany

Felix Mayerhof


In 2014, Felix Mayer joined his parents' traditional business and immediately began to implement his philosophy step by step. A passionate interaction with nature is at the core of his wine style: independent and honest, with rough edges.

Rosa Parks
Wine lovers will enjoy the berry fruitiness and full-bodied style of this Portuguese wine. On the finish, there are the corners and edges, along with the grip of Cabernet and Merlot. An exciting and structural change.
A Sauvignon Blanc from the Palatinate region should taste like this. It is scented with white flowers, gooseberries, passion fruit, and freshly mown grass.
Cabernet Sauvignon Rose
The aromas of strawberry and cassis are balanced by gooseberries and green peppers. The full load of strawberry-currant sorbet flavour in the mouth, with an incredibly dense and long-lasting structure. This wine is like the lean and uncomplicated brother of a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Asselheim on the wine route

The different types of soil in the vineyards, which make our wines so special, range from sandy loamy soil with lime deposits in Bad Dürkheim and red sandstone in Mertesheim to the heavily calcareous loess loam soil in Asselheim. A wine's signature is determined by these minerals.

Natural & sustainable

Minimalism rules our wine cellar. We get only healthy grapes in our wine cellar as a result of many preparations in the vineyard, including pruning in winter and reducing yields in summer. As a result, we do not use fining agents or heavy filtration.


Where to find

Mayer Weine Weinstraße 22 67269 Grünstadt-Asselheim Germany

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