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The natural umami flavour booster


TOMAMI : the natural umami flavour booster

Is there an ingredient that simply enhances the flavour of every dish? An ingredient that is all-natural, salt-free, additive-free, and preservative-free? This is TOMAMI! Every dish tastes better with tomato essence.  The secret is in the taste qualities that ripe tomatoes naturally possess. Because tomatoes are rich in "umami", which is also known as the "fifth sense of taste" and gives many dishes a full-bodied, spicy taste. With a sophisticated manufacturing process, the small Königstein-based company has succeeded in bottling the essence of the tomato in concentrated form. The uses are endless and the results are simply delicious.

Georg Breuer


TOMAMI was founded in 2013 when Georg Breuer recognized the potential of tomato essence. His mission is to produce purely natural seasoning sauces based on this essence, with which delicious dishes can be prepared quickly and easily. "Flavour enhancers or artificial aromas don't go into the bottle!" emphasizes Georg Breuer. Professional chefs as well as ambitious home cooks use his umami seasoning sauces today. TOMAMI is your answer to the missing umami.

Gives umami zest and depth of flavour. The tomato acid stays in the background. Perfect for all savory dishes – especially those that lack the typical roasted flavours.
Presented with a fruity-aromatic tomato note, hearty body and typical acidity. Excellent for Mediterranean cuisine, stews, stews, sauces and dressings.
The seasoning concentrate based on TOMAMI #1 is refined with the best spices. The perfect base for (veggie) gravy and can be used as a base for broths and soups.

“JRE is a small, fine community of manufacturers who produce very good food with passion. That's why we feel at home here and find the exchange with the other members valuable and inspiring."

Georg Breuer


Tomato umami boost

TOMAMI contains the power of 4.5 kg of sun-ripened tomatoes in a 240 ml bottle. Through an innovative centrifugation process and gentle heating, fresh tomatoes are reduced to their essence. The natural glutamic acids contained in tomatoes are highly concentrated. As a result, the tomato essence, even in small quantities, naturally enhances the aroma of the ingredients and rounds off every dish. The dishes get a full-bodied, spicy umami taste, without an overpowering tomato taste.

Quite a tasteful family

A 100% natural product with no flavour enhancers or artificial flavours is TOMAMI's quality promise. The product family will be further developed on this basis. In addition to the two pure tomato essences TOMAMI #1 and #2, there are also four different vegan seasoning sauce concentrates with spice compositions (TOSCANA, JAPAN, HOT INDIA, VEGAMI), the plant-based table seasoning WÜRZSTOFF, two hot chili sauces, and two kinds of ketchup.


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TOMAMI GmbH Am Lichtetal 1 61462 Königstein im Taunus Germany

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