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Exclusive chocolate

Original Beans

Original Beans: exclusive chocolate

Real chocolate is rejuvenating. Original Beans is, of course, the real deal. Making pure chocolate that is good for people and good for the planet is what we do. In addition to winning all major food awards, we have been featured in the kitchens of some of the world's top chefs. With our chocolate, we are committed to regenerating what we consume together in a climate positive way.

Original Beans

Freudenstadt, Germany

Patrick von Vacano

Head of Hospitality

Patrick von Vacano has long been a passionate advocate of the Original Beans concept. “I don’t run a chocolate company that makes conservation, but a conservation company that makes chocolate. At Original beans, we want to change the world. We start at the origin. Local people are not exploited by us, we work with them on an equal basis and pay them high prices for their cocoa," he explains the principles of the idea. This restaurant specialist and sommelier was convinced that chocolate offered a way to economically change something. His job at Original Beans is the last link in the long chain: to sell the product. His concern is to give more than he takes and to restore dignity and value to a product like chocolate.

As a company, we operate regeneratively. But together with you we can preserve cocoa and nature together.

Tablets 70G BAR (10 VARIETIES)
The Original Beans chocolate bars offer a rich variety: they’re made from the world's rarest cocoas from eight global biodiversity hotspots. These bars are regenerative and, as part of the “One Bar: One Tree” program, the origin of each bar is fully traceable.
Rainforest Couvertures COUVERTURES (8 VARIETIES)
The Original Beans rainforest couvertures represent a unique collection of the rarest cocoas in the world.  In every way, they are regenerative: pure, fair, climate-friendly, and compostable. Each bag grows 10 trees that are traceable via QR code.
Simply Couvertures 12G BAR (6 VARIETIES)
Inspired by Bob Marley's song about three little birds, Original Beans has created three simple couvertures: White, Milk and Dark from Esmeraldas origin.  In every way, they are regenerative: pure, fair, climate-friendly, and compostable. Each bag grows 3 trees.

"In order to make climate change appealing to as many people as possible, we need to continue to promote this lifestyle. It is unfortunate that we still miss the importance of health, taste, enjoyment, and stories often enough on supermarket shelves and in our kitchens. But this is the only way we can really protect the climate. Climate neutrality is no longer enough - we need to become climate positive by restoring the earth. As a brand, Original Beans has been doing this successfully for more than ten years."

Patrick von Vacano

Owner Original Beans

Taste the rare

Cacao is a product of its environment, just as coffee beans are. As soon as it is harvested, fermented and dried with care, the delicious aromas of its origin begin to emerge. Our Bean Team roams the most remote rainforests on earth in search of the rarest cocoa varieties - the "Original Beans". Every bean tells its own story. We invite you to experience the rich flavour of the Original Beans.

Dare to be rare

Be truthful. Consume what is clear. Preserve what is rare. Since 2008, we've been venturing into remote rainforests to source the world's rarest cocoa beans and transform the culture of chocolate, food and luxury. As a company, we operate regeneratively. Together we can regenerate what we consume. #TasteTheRareAndPreserveIt

Preserve the rare

Through our “One Bar: One Tree” program, our customers and farmers have already grown millions of trees in various cocoa regions. #OneBarOneTree


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Original Beans Landhausstrasse 69 72250 Freudenstadt Germany

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Original Beans