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German wines, alcohol-free beverages & fruit brandies

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger: German wines, alcohol-free beverages & fruit brandies

In 2003, owner Jörg Geiger founded his very own factory for fruit wines: Manufaktur Jörg Geiger. Instead of going for the typical titles, the wines have fairytale names instead, such as “Rosenzauber” (Rose Magic) and “Frühlingsduft” (Spring Scent). Working from the Swabian Alb region in Germany, Jörg and his team of 20 dedicated employees have one goal: preserving the valuable cultural landscape and making their almost 400 producers as well as the local estate owners proud by doing so. The manufactory owns a property of around 150 square kilometers with 15- to 250-year-old trees. The company’s high-quality fruits are partly grown on this soil, and partly bought and collected by Jörg himself, who carefully selects the fruits and turns them into bottles of seductive liquid.

Manufaktur Jörg Geiger

Schlat, Germany

Jörg Geiger

Owner Jörg Geiger is a trained chef and hotel manager. He’s strongly driven by the Swabian virtues of passion and perfection, but also pays great attention to sustainability. With the utmost respect for nature, Jörg is always aiming to achieve optimal quality. Over the years, his desire for constant improvement surely hasn’t faded – nor has his imaginative thinking. In fact, you could say that his factory was founded out of defiance. “Everyone told me that the old orchards and their tall trees make no sense," Jörg explains. “That triggered an urge to show people that you can actually make amazing products from these orchards.”

Roasted pear champagne – alcohol-free
This alcohol-free champagne has a fine scent with subtle notes of dried pears. By storing the sparkling wine for several years in the champagne bottle, the sparkling wine acquires the aromas and notes of white flowers, brioche, and yeast. It has a restrained sweetness and well-integrated acidity. A perfect de-alcoholised drink containing pear, sparkling wine, and herbs and spices.
The inspirations series – alcohol-free
As a pure accompaniment to food, the Inspiration-series is completely non-carbonated and can therefore be used as a non-alcoholic alternative to wine. These special drinks are not for untrained palates, but they are certainly for everyone who expects more from non-alcoholic beverages.
Juniper, wormwood & caraway
Juniper, wormwood and caraway: each of these plants has its own distinctive character. The creations of Manufaktur Jörg Geiger give these plants space to develop their fine character. Flavours that evoke images of a landscape. Authentic, meaningful, spicy yet delicate. Whether enjoyed alone or in combination with alcohol-free creations, these three protagonists are pure enjoyment.

"Innovation, perfection and passion are our drive for great products."

Jörg Geiger

Owner Manufaktur Jörg Geiger

Where others stop, Jörg Geiger begins

In general, people are drinking less alcohol nowadays, and Jörg Geige is a pioneer in developing great non-alcoholic alternatives. A lot of Jörg Geiger's classic drinks are moving away from sweet, luscious, fruity flavours. Non-alcoholic beverages now have body and structure thanks to tannins and herbs. The fruit is harvested earlier to reduce the sweetness. This results in a nuanced, complex and diverse fine sparkling wine.  Jorg’s motto is "Alcohol-free in the fast lane". Because of this, he has a product and concept to suit every taste and requirement. A wide range of products is offered by the manufactory, from fruity classics to expressive seasonal products to complex cuvées and meal accompaniments. 

Swabian meadow fruit is a taste experience

Over the past 20 years, Manufaktur Jörg Geiger has passed on the added value of its meadow fruit creations to the producers and suppliers. In sustainable agriculture, the old tradition of Swabian meadow fruit cultivation plays a pioneering role. The development of high-stemmed giant trees takes centuries, even with the new plantings.  By doing this, they can see generations come and go, and everything that they plant on their meadows will be harvested only by their children. Jörg Geiger has marketed some of his products to a wider audience in order to preserve the unique cultural landscape of meadow orchards in the region and to protect and preserve this unique natural monument. 

Never-ending inspiration

The growing awareness of the Jörg Geiger Manufactory brand is very useful in the development of their sustainability projects. This makes it possible for them to focus on soil revitalization, soil diversity, nature conservation and preservation of variety.  A few alcohol-free creations today give them the economic freedom to pursue their passion: experimenting and creating innovative and creative small series. They also produce a line of inspiration products for people who are just as eager to experiment. The inspiration at Jörg Geiger Manufactory truly is never-ending.


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Manufaktur Jörg Geiger Eschenbacher Straße 1 73114 Schlat Germany

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Manufaktur Jörg Geiger