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A family farm offering lamb, game & fish

Gutshof Polting

Gutshof Polting: a family farm offering lamb, game & fish

For four generations, Gutshof Polting has been owned by the Riederer Freiherr von Paar zu Schönau family. At this German farm, sheep farming has played an essential role since 1928. In 1970, the company’s owner Johannes Riederer von Paar started marketing his “Poltinger Lämmer” directly to hotels, restaurants and private customers. From the end of the 1980s, his son Franz Riederer von Paar added game from the farm's own hunt and fish from extensive pond farming to the business’ range. “We’re still a relatively small company, where quality comes before quantity,” states Franz. “It’s a great advantage that we’re able to react quickly and flexibly to the wishes of our customers. We also have a very long experience with gastronomy, which is particularly appreciated by the top chefs among our customers.”

Gutshof Polting

Postmünster, Germany

Leonhard & Franz Riederer von Paar

Baron Franz Riederer von Paar is the youngest of four children. Taking over the family farm wasn't necessarily his idea from the start. After finishing an agricultural apprenticeship, he first wanted to get out of the Lower Bavaria area. He packed his bags and went on a one-year trip around the world. After returning from overseas, he felt a real appreciation for his homeland and knew this was where he belonged. He studied agriculture with a focus on business administration and took over his parents' farm in 1987. At Gutshof Polting, he developed the perfect conditions to convert the former transhumance farming into company-bound paddocks and herding husbandry. Today, Franz feels a wholehearted commitment to the family tradition. He would like to be able to pass on a healthy, agricultural family business to the next generation. "We make the best of what nature gives us" is his simple motto. In the meantime, his son Leonhard has taken over the business and now runs it together with his father and his wife Henrietta.

Poltinger lamb knuckle
Gutshof Poltinger’s lamb is often a star chef’s favourite choice.
Poltinger lamb shoulder
Gutshof Polting’s lamb has a particularly delicate and extremely subtle taste.

"We make the best of what nature gives us. This happens in harmony and responsible interaction with the nature that surrounds us and the knowledge of rural tradition.”

Franz Riederer von Paar

Gutshof Polting

Between Rottstal & Vilstal in Lower Bavaria

You will find Gutshof Polting in the Lower Bavarian hills, situated between Rottstal and Vilstal. Here, the sheep have plenty of space on the family property in beautiful and unspoilt nature. Natural nutrition and proper husbandry can be found within the lush herb meadows where they raise their lambs. The area that surrounds the farm is distinguished by fertile, rural agriculture, stately homes, and vibrant towns. Castles appear like pearls in the picturesque villages and on the peaks of the Rott, earning the region the nickname "Bavarian Tuscany".

Star chefs' favourite lamb

Due to their optimal husbandry and nutrition, the breeding experience of the squire and their young age, the Poltinger lambs have a particularly tender and very subtle taste. It should come as no surprise Poltinger lambs are often a star chef’s favourite choice. In addition to this, the farm's own hunting and regional hunting grounds provide excellent deer, pheasants, wild ducks, hare, rabbits, and wild hare as well.

Good, better, Poltinger 

Gutshof Polting also sells high-quality fresh trout, char, salmon and sea trout from recognized local fisheries. Poltinger meat and fish taste great in any way you choose to prepare them: fried, baked, steamed, grilled, smoked, roasted, braised or sautéed. They have a high protein and mineral content, almost no fat, and are very digestible.


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Gutshof Polting