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Excellent miso paste & miso powder


Schwarzwald-MISO: excellent miso paste & miso powder

Schwarzwald-MISO is the only manufacturer of naturally fermented miso from regional, organically certified raw materials in Germany and neighbouring countries in Europe. For this excellent product, owner Peter Koch uses soybeans from Lake Constance, lupins from Wertheim, barley from Bavaria, rice from Northern Italy, salt from the primaeval ocean and algae from the Atlantic ocean in Spain. And of course, the water comes from the Black Forest.  All of the production is also done here - only the recipe comes from Asia.


Geisingen, Germany

Peter Koch

The MISO expert from the Black Forest

Owner Peter Koch stands for his products and begins every day with miso soup. His mother started making miso in the Black Forest in 2006, after learning the millennia-old Japanese art of traditional production from a Japanese Zen master. Peter became his mother’s apprentice and learned the technique from her. Peter then further refined his method by travelling to Japan himself and gaining experience there with important miso masters. With his numerous special varieties, Peter Koch combines high-quality local ingredients with traditional miso recipes. His company's philosophy and conclusion: Quality is non-negotiable.

Lupine MISO Paste Sweet & flowery 
The lupine MISO has a strong flavour in combination with vinegar and oil as a salad dressing. Miso is a natural emulsifier and binds vinegar and oil. A favourite among customers.
Soy MISO Paste Spicy
Since the soy MISO is nice and strong, it can be used for baleen sauces as well as an authentic Japanese ramen soup.
Mediterranean MISO powder Spicy
Unbeatable as a table spice: our MISO powder. The Mediterranean miso powder is particularly suitable as a spice for pasta, meat and Mediterranean vegetables.

"The JRE is synonymous with Germany's best cooks, and we produce the best spice paste in Germany. Two parties have found themselves on equal footing here."

Peter Koch

Owner Schwarzwald-MISO

But what makes the difference?

There's nothing else like this seasoning paste that brings so much harmony and connection to the kitchen, and it's vegan too. It enhances the taste of individual ingredients, regardless of whether it's served as pure such as a miso soup, as an emulsifier for salad vinaigrettes, or as a binder for sauces, dips and marinades. It makes meat and vegetable tender as butter, and in many cases replaces or reduces the use of fats. This is why miso is considered the basis of light, balanced and healthy cuisine.

The Black Forest – natural paradise in Southern Germany

In the Black Forest, dense forests shelter a natural paradise. Soil and rock are the ideal natural filters for the particularly pure nature of its water. This plays a big part in the making of Peter Koch's miso. The climatic conditions for miso production in the Black Forest are also perfect.  Peter Koch grew up on the edge of the Black Forest in Villingen-Schwenningen. This is where he took over the miso tradition from his mother, and where he made his first miso. The Black Forest is where Peter’s miso conquered connoisseurs throughout Germany: from the star restaurants and cooking schools to the fine delicatessen retail trade.

The only MISO in Germany – a local superfood

The unique brownish spice paste known as miso soup from Japan supports the natural taste of almost every diss. It's a local superfood, naturally fermented. In addition to its deliciousness, it is healthy and nutritious and gives a lot of strength and energy. The production depends on the natural ripening process, the ambient temperature and the seasons.  MISO is available fruity, spicy, hot or flowery, combined with Italian herbs or Spanish seaweed, depending on the recipe. There are also special varieties, such as a violet miso or barbecue miso. The first (freeze-dried) miso powder in Germany has been on the market since 2019 and is available in different varieties. It’s ideal as a table spice or for refining dishes. But, good things take time - a miso takes one to two years to ferment and mature.


Where to find

Schwarzwald-Miso Auf Hochstetten 13 78187 Geisingen Germany

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