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German wine at its finest

Weingut Köbelin

Weingut Köbelin: German wine at its finest

How is really good wine made? Arndt Köbelin knows the answer: by creating a beautiful landscape inside a wine bottle. In 2005 this unusual winery came into existence: white, imposing and almost futuristic in appearance. The winemaker, Arndt Köbelin, invested around one million euros to realise the remarkable building which is made of glass, loess, oak and steel – all based on traditional materials used in viticulture. With regard to the unparalleled wines that this winery produces, expect refined estate wines as well as perfectly aged pinot noirs. As Arndt Köbelin himself puts it: “From cultivating the soil to planting vines: making wine consists of 500 small parts, all of which influence our very own style of wine which cannot be copied.”

Weingut Köbelin

Eichstetten am Kaiserstuhl, Germany

Arndt Köbelin

Arndt Köbelin is a trained winemaker and cellar master. When he was little, Arndt already dreamt of owning his very own winery. Later, that dream became more about his love for the planet. Cherishing a desire to transform his favourite terroir into taste, he began training with the most famous winemakers at the age of 16. Together with his wife, Arndt took over his parents' wine-growing business in 2005. In doing so, he fulfilled his childhood dream and built a winery at the foot of the stunning Eichstetter vineyards. Today, Arndt Köbelin is responsible for the management of the vineyards, the expansion of the wines, and the distillation at Arndt Köbelin Winery.

Lösswand 3-star selection
Many gems are to be found in Köbelin's cellar, including the Lösswand 3-star selection wines. These are made with grapes that have been harvested from over 45-year-old Burgundy vines and have been matured in wooden or barrique barrels.

My wine has to make you want to take the next sip. I keep that in mind as I put the wine inside his bottle for life.

Arndt Köbelin

Arndt Köbelin Weingut

Success formula

At Arndt Köbelin Weingut, the success formula is simple: it’s all about making wine that makes you want to take another sip. According to Arndt Köbelin, both his dry estate wines, as well as his delicately tart ones, have everything a decent wine should have: a good balance between juiciness and strength, a well-structured expression, freshness and liveliness.

Balance between gentle and strong flavour

Arndt Köbelin has a wide range of extraordinary wines in his cellar, including the Lösswand 3-star selection wines. This is a Burgundy wine made from grapes harvested from vines over 45 years old and matured in either wooden or barrique barrels. The process takes time and dedication, but the results are incredible. The absolute greatest wines are the RESERVE wines: Pinot Blanc from the Steinenweg district, Pinot Gris from the Kaltenbrunnen district and Pinot Noir from the Eichenlaub district.

Best German sparkling wines

For special occasions, winemaker Arndt Köbelin also has a wonderful option. The Pinot Brut has a perfect balance between German sparkling wine and fine champagne. After you’ve had a taste, you won’t forget this gem soon.


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Weingut Köbelin Altweg 131 79356 Eichstetten am Kaiserstuhl Germany

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