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An American-style distillery in Prebitz

Longhorn Distillery

Longhorn Distillery

With their Longhorn Distillery and Texas Longhorn Ranch, Anna and Alexander Leichtenstern continue the legend of the Wild West and the USA. The breeding of the legendary Texas Longhorn cattle formed the basis and the starting point. With the Longhorn Distillery, the two Wild West enthusiasts are bringing another American myth to life. In addition to Franconian fruit brandies, American-style whiskeys are produced here which evoke the spirit of the “moonshine distillers” of the Prohibition era.

Longhorn Distillery

Prebitz, Germany

Anna Leichtenstern

For many years, the two Franconian Wild West fans and enthusiastic western riders Anna and Alexander Leichtenstern have been breeding American quarter horses. During their stays in America, they got to know and love the majestic Texas Longhorn cattle. "Because these wonderful animals embody a myth of the Wild West for us, the desire arose to breed them ourselves," says Anna Leichtenstern. At the beginning of 2011, the first 24 Longhorn cattle were flown in via Luxembourg. With their farm in Altencreußen, the couple has succeeded in fulfilling a lifelong dream by breeding the largest Longhorn herd in Europe with excellent breeding lines. Like the cowboys, the cattle with the imposing Longhorns are part of the myth of the Wild West and gave their name not only to the "Texas Longhorn Ranch" but also to the "Longhorn Distillery". A total of more than 60 hectares of organically farmed land is owned by the Leichtenstern family in Altencreußen - according to strict ecological guidelines in harmony with nature, species-appropriate and respectful of the animals.

Bourbon Style Corn Whiskey 43% - 3 YEARS BARREL AGED - MADE FROM ORGANIC GRAIN
A mild bourbon style whiskey, distilled according to the American tradition. Made from strong corn and rye as well as malt and wheat from organic farming. Pure caramel and vanilla notes are in the foreground and are rounded off by delicate wood notes to create a bourbon. In addition to maturing in American white oak barrels for three years, this whiskey is stored in our aromatic organic hay during maturation.
Single Malt – Haybarn edition 43% - 3 YEARS BARREL AGED
After being stored in the finest organic herbal hay for four years, the whiskey possesses the finest meadow aromas. With its warm storage in the hayloft, the whiskey matures particularly quickly and results in a soft aroma on the palate that perfectly complements the cask notes of the Texan bourbon cask.
Here we feel committed to the traditions, so the American-style whiskey matures in new white oak barrels, the single malt in barrels that have already been reserved in order to optimally develop the aromas.

"The passion for good regional food is what drives us – working with people who passionately bring good food to perfection is both inspiration and drive for us."

Anna & Alexander Leichtenstern

Owners Texas Longhorn

Longhorn Moonshine

Both the "Longhorn Moonshine" and the single malts are handcrafted according to the old traditions of distilling and are distilled with only natural ingredients. With fascinating flavours that are created by Alexander Lichtenstern's sophisticated cask storage. For instance, by maturing in the finest organic herbal hay.

Bio Hereford Burger - 180/130 grams patties

Grazing Hereford cattle in organic pastures in the Franconian foothills. Enjoying meat as it should be enjoyed. Pure meat with a fine touch of organic spices. Without allergens. Shock-frozen to perfectly preserve the juiciness and flavour of the meat. With express delivery, the burgers can be delivered well chilled to your home.


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Longhorn Distillery Altencreußen 1 95473 Prebitz Germany

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Longhorn Distillery