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high-quality buffalo meat

Büffel Bill

Büffel Bill Deutschland GmbH: high-quality buffalo meat

The idea of founding Büffel Bill came about after a newspaper article reported on the unworthy treatment of young male buffalo in the mozzarella industry. Since the young male buffalo cannot give milk for mozzarella production and were therefore disposed of in a cruel manner immediately after birth or raised under unworthy conditions, it was clear to both of them that something had to be changed, and the buffalo were spared this fate.

Büffel Bill

Singen, Germany

Manuel Ruess & Martin Jaser

Meat the experts with passion

We are Manuel Ruess and Martin Jaser, the founders of Büffel Bill. With our small manufactory on Lake Constance, we stand for products of unparalleled quality and naturalness. In order to achieve a more sustainable planet in the long run, our products are produced under the highest ethical standards. Our goal is to introduce consumers to conscious meat consumption and bring buffalo meat to their attention. We make no compromises when it comes to providing our customers with Buffalo delicacies that are unique in terms of quality and taste.

Bocconcini di Bufala Campana D.O.P.
Our award-winning Mozzarella Bocconcini di Bufala Campana D.O.P. is made fresh from 100% pure buffalo milk, on a daily base in a small family dairy in Southern Italy. In addition to a pleasantly creamy, milky consistency, our mozzarella is characterized by a particularly intense taste.
Filet Center Cut Italian
The filet center cut is one of the finest cuts of the Italian buffalo and impresses with its special tenderness and enormous juiciness. In addition to a very aromatic taste, the fillet provides valuable nutrients for a healthy diet.
Gourmet buffalo burger
The gourmet buffalo burger really brings out the flavour of the buffalo meat. Coarsely minced from the finest cuts of buffalo, it impresses not only with the characteristic buffalo aroma but also with its enormous juiciness, despite its comparatively very low fat content.

Büffel Bill stands for products that are of the highest quality that are produced following the highest ethical standards for a sustainable future.

Manuel Ruess & Martin Jaser 

Owners Büffel Bill Deutschland GmbH

Manuel & Martin

For many years, owners Manuel and Martin searched for suitable partners to find the best, most natural, and highest quality premium buffalo meat. They now work together with the world's most renowned buffalo breeders as exclusive partners in Germany, Italy and Argentina. The top priority is that the animals live a happy and stress-free life and are raised under the highest ethical and quality standards. The values are reflected in every process from birth to slaughter. Buffalo live outdoors, eating fresh grass, herbs, and wildflowers. Hormones and antibiotics are not used.

Büffel Bill

Büffel Bill follows the "nose-to-tail" principle. In production, they try to process the entire buffalo because, if prepared correctly, every piece of meat is equally good. Whether as a rosy filet, as a smoky grilled rib eye, roast beef in one piece or as a carpaccio – buffalo meat is a must for discerning gourmets and gives every dish a special touch.

Every buffalo meat tastes different

The meat stands out for its special tenderness and juiciness. Compared to other types of red meat, buffalo meat has an incomparable taste characterized by wild herbs and a special aroma. It is characterized by an extremely low fat and cholesterol content, a high proportion of omega 3 fatty acids and a disproportionate amount of iron and protein. Because it is healthier, it is the ideal choice for health-conscious consumers with discerning tastes.


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Büffel Bill Holzeckstraße 1 78224 Singen Germany

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Büffel Bill