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Alexander Huber

A Michelin-starred owner-chef who conjures up modern German cuisine

Already as a child, Alexander Huber knew that he wanted to become a chef. He grew up in his family's tavern, then completed his studies as a cook, and his first culinary experiences took him to starred restaurants all around the country. In 2005 he returned home and took over the over 400-year-old family business, restaurant Huberwirt. A Michelin award for his culinary skills was given to him in 2013. Chef Alexander Huber is concerned with a creative combination of tavern-style cooking and high-class cuisine. Among the most important things to him are taste, maximum freshness and products from the region. 

When all arts go under, the noble culinary art remains.

Alexander Huber


Pleiskirchen, Germany
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

In Pleiskirchen, restaurant Huberwirt has been a culinary institution for ten generations. It’s a place where pleasure, culture, creativity, and above all, the joy of family life, is rooted in tradition. All things Bavarian are served at this charming restaurant. Using craftsmanship, a small dose of creativity, as well as a keen sense for taste and harmony, owner and chef Alexander Huber creates a distinct provincial cuisine that is full of surprises. He uses select ingredients, including products from his family farm, to create his simple but punchy creative dishes, that draw diners from near and far to this cozy inn.

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