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Matthias Pietsch

Chef Matthias Pietsch: a culinary odyssey of excellence

The world of gastronomy is a realm where passion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence come together to create culinary masterpieces that leave a lasting impression on our taste buds and memories. Chef Matthias Pietsch, born in the picturesque town of Tübingen in 1986, is a seasoned culinary virtuoso who has embarked on a remarkable journey through the diverse landscapes of the culinary world.


Bonn, Germany
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Humble beginning

Matthias Pietsch's culinary journey began in his hometown, where he improved his skills at the renowned Restaurant Museum in Tübingen. It was here that he first stepped into the world of flavours, textures, and artistry that define fine dining. The early days were a testament to his dedication and unrelenting pursuit of culinary perfection.

Climbing the ranks

Matthias's journey took an exciting twist when he decided to explore Landgasthof Adler in Rammingen, a place that would serve as the background for his culinary aspirations. Beginning as a 'commis de cuisine,' Matthias worked his way up, showcasing his skills as a true master of the culinary arts. His amazing journey reached its pinnacle when he achieved the prestigious Michelin star, a symbol of his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to the culinary craft.

Global exploration

Matthias was not content with resting on his laurels, and his quest for culinary excellence led him to explore international kitchens. He embarked on an enriching culinary expedition at restaurant Matsalen in Stockholm, plunging himself in Scandinavian culinary traditions. His path continued at the world famous Mugaritz in Errenteria, a place known for its avant-garde approach to gastronomy.

A star-studded path

His culinary prowess continued to shine as he returned to Germany, gracing the kitchens of restaurant Vendôme (***) in Bensberg (Bergisch Gladbach). Here, he served as both ‘demichef de partie’ and ‘chef de partie’, a reflection of his expertise and versatility in the culinary arts.

Exploring excellence

Matthias's culinary journey was far from over, as he sought new horizons and fresh challenges. His path led him to prestigious kitchens like that of Noma in Copenhagen, a place celebrated for its innovative Nordic cuisine, and restaurant La Vision in Cologne, another Michelin-starred establishment known for its culinary finesse.