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Jan-Philipp Berner

A multi-award-winning chef who conjures up creative German cuisine

After training for years under renowned star chefs, chef Jan-Philipp Berner came to work at Sylter Söl'ring Hof by Johannes King, where he became a chef in 2013. With his creative culinary creations, Jan-Philipp has convinced the gourmet world of his talent. When winning the world championship in 2013, he won the title of Culinary Champion and was even named Germany's best young chef. In addition to this, he received the Jeunes Restaurateurs talent award in 2019. Today, the chef is very passionate about his undertakings. His goal is to inspire his guests by combining the finest quality ingredients with precision on a plate. Chef Jan-Philipp Berner has achieved the perfect balance between haute cuisine and service, executing each to suit the philosophy of the restaurant. A gourmet by nature, he takes his craft to the highest level with his ability and creativity.

Thanks to my career choice, my life has never been boring.

Jan-Philipp Berner

Söl'ring Hof

Rantum/Sylt, Germany
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Since 2013, Jan-Philipp Berner has been in charge of the kitchen at restaurant Dorint Söl'ring Hof by Johannes King. The multi-award-winning chef focuses on honest ingredients, local and seasonal products, and down-to-earth cuisine. Local farmers supply him with vegetables, fruits, herbs, and fish from the surrounding countryside. For him, quality food and a constant desire to delight guests are the most important aspects of his work. It’s no surprise the cuisine at Dorint Söl'ring Hof has gained countless awards, among which 2 Michelin stars, re-affirming the outstanding culinary skills of chef Jan-Philipp.

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