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Malte Kuhn

Chef and proprietor Malte Kuhn has used his experience to create the unique coffee shop come restaurant that is Maltes. From 2010-2013, he trained as a chef at the Hotel Dollenberg with chef Martin Herrmann and then earned a dual degree with a focus on hotel management.  Malte has also worked at the Althoff Seehotel Überfahrt on Lake Tegernsee and the Lakeside Restaurant at The Fontenay Hotel in Hamburg. Since 2018, he has established himself in Baden-Baden with his dual concept of coffee house and gourmet restaurant, Hidden Kitchen. His cuisine is expressive, and product-oriented and challenges traditional flavour concepts.

Maltes “hidden kitchen”

Baden-Baden, Germany
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Coffee shop by day and hidden kitchen by night, Maltes is a surprising treat with a dual concept. During the day this humble coffee shop serves an array of aromatic coffee and tea specialities from the best-growing regions and a selection of delicious cakes but by night a hidden sliding door opens and a fine-dining concept with a focus on simple ingredients and diverse flavours is revealed. This hidden gem is unique in Baden and perhaps further afield in Germany.

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