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Jochen Helfesrieder

A talented top chef who conjures up surprising flavour combinations

Restaurant Storchen’s kitchen is the territory of chef Jochen Helfesrieder. Together with his father and head chef Fritz, he prepares the most wonderful local delicacies. Both chefs agree that healthy and fresh ingredients are the foundation of every good kitchen. Likewise, they prefer working with products that are freshly harvested in the region – whether that product is meat or a head of lettuce. In any case, the Helfesrieders do whatever they can to respect and preserve the product’s purity and flavour.

Whenever possible, I enjoy working with products from your own garden or from the nearby farm.

Jochen Helfesrieder

Storchen Restaurant Hotel

Bad Krozingen, Germany
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Situated in the idyllic village of Schmidhofen lies a charming inn: the Storchen Restaurant Hotel. Belonging to the Helfesrieder family, this establishment is above all known for its brilliant cuisine which has rightfully been awarded a prestigious Michelin star. Here, chef Jochen Helfesrieder cultivates his family tradition, haute cuisine, by transforming high-quality regional products into authentic specialties and classics. The chef’s local delicacies, such as his wild-caught fish dishes, are complemented by exquisite wines from local and national vintners. You can enjoy your lunch or dinner in the traditional dining room, or in the green garden by the pond – if the weather allows it.

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