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Mario Pattis

When it comes to representatives of creative and innovative high-end gastronomy, chef Mario Pattis is known to be one of the very best. Being an extremely skilled cook, Mario transforms high-quality regional products into his own unique "Pattisian" delicacies at restaurant e-VITRUM. The basis of chef Mario’s success has always been his classical professional training, as well as his profound passion for making his guests happy. His kitchen philosophy greatly reflects this: he aims to inspire and convince his diners by presenting dishes that speak to all senses.


Dresden, Germany
MdH Membre d'Honneur

In the heart of Dresden lies a futuristic glass building: the Volkswagen factory. However, in its spacious foyer, you won’t find any car parts: you’ll find gourmet cuisine. That’s because this part of the building is home to restaurant e-VITRUM. With 370 m², this two-level dining spot offers plenty of space for embarking on a culinary adventure, created by chef Mario Pattis and his skilled kitchen team. On the menu, you’ll find the finest cuisine made from first-class Saxon raw products. The high-tech ambiance and warm hospitality make for a unique atmosphere to dine in. During summer, you can also take a seat on the large outdoor terrace right in front of the factory.

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