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Michael Philipp

Top chef Michael Philipp is one of the most innovative and technically best chefs of the Mainfranken region. He doesn't use gimmicks or overwhelming amounts of spices, but each of his dishes becomes a work of aromatic art. Inspired by his Franconian roots, he mixes his basically classic French cuisine with a local touch. To chef Michael, the product's original flavour must be clearly recognizable in each dish. He is lucky to have access to an extensive range of local products. The Spessart region of southern Germany is rich with brook trout, lamb and game from the rough Rhön and berries, asparagus, cherries, and plums from Sommerhausen. 


Sommerhausen, Germany

Located in the heart of Sommerhausen, in the Bavarian district of Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany, you will find restaurant Philipp. This fine-dining establishment is housed in an old half-timbered building. Without a doubt, its culinary reputation is one of the best in the region. With its cozy rooms and luxurious interior, Philipp is a chic restaurant that combines tradition with modernity. This is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the fine contemporary French cuisine top chef and owner Michael Philipp has to offer. Philipp's cooking emphasizes local produce, with which he delivers exquisite dishes with great passion and expertise. Here you will find an almost effortless bridge between a Franconian's down-to-earth cooking and Philipp's French-inspired cooking style, accompanied by the excellent wine suggestions from this wife, sommelier Heike Philipp.

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