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Bernd Werner

A multi-award-winning chef with a passion for regional cuisine

Schloss Eberstein and Werners Restaurant are run by head chef Bernd Werner and his wife and sommelier Roswitha. With their creative ideas, these two passionate hosts have made the dining spot into what it is now: a Michelin-star-winning restaurant. Growing up with five siblings, Bernd Werner already thought out-of-the-box at an early age. While his siblings took on commercial professions, Bern declared that he wanted to be a cook. So when he was 15, he packed his suitcase to go into the wide world. Surprisingly, his parents didn’t try to stop him, but were downright enthusiastic about his decision. Encouraging young Bernd on his career path, his father helped him to get an apprenticeship at Hotel Ritter zu Durbach. So while cooking might not be in chef Bernd’s family’s bloodline, discipline, enthusiasm and perseverance is. And that makes him into the skilled connoisseur of international cuisine that he is today.

Perfectly planned and cooked, and using the best ingredients, results in success on the plate.

Bernd Werner

Schloss Eberstein

Gernsbach, Germany
MdH Membre d'Honneur

If you’ve ever wanted to dine at a historic castle, then this is your chance. Werners Restaurant is located inside a beautifully renovated former knight’s castle. Called Schloss Eberstein, this castle dates back to the thirteenth century. Surrounded by lush green vineyards and valleys, this gourmet restaurant serves remarkable culinary creations. Together with top chef Bernd Werner, chef Andreas Laux prepares delicious Baden-Francophil cuisine that will surprise and excite your palate. So much so that their cooking was awarded one Michelin star. This picturesque environment is the perfect backdrop for your gastronomic lunch and dinner. Beautifully complemented by excellent wines from the hotel's own vineyard, as well as a gorgeous view of the Murg valley.

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