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Markus Pape

A talented top chef with a passion for regional German cuisine

Chef Markus Pape is a native to the Sauerland region. His grandmother used to make him pea soup or pancakes with apples from their own garden. Markus was influenced by this and gained a sense of the edible treasures that can be found in your own garden. This chef learned the tricks of the trades at Hotel zur Post, by Jean-Claude Bourgueil and Dieter Müller, who gave him his culinary training. Since 2013, Markus has been in charge of the kitchen at the Meisenheimer Hof. Ever since, he has been spoiling his diners with regional delights – the same way his grandmother used to. 

The truth rests at the bottom of the saucepan.

Markus Pape

Meisenheimer Hof

Meisenheim, Germany
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In the historic town of Meisenheim lies restaurant Meisenheimer Hof. This cozy inn welcomes its guests in a historic ambiance with reinventive haute cuisine. Here, chef Markus Pape serves the finest local Palatinate cuisine. You can enjoy his fine dishes in the dining rooms, which all have their own theme: the Jägerzimmer, the Brunnenstube and the "Zur Blume" dining room, which will take you back to the 18th century. The Meisenheimer Hof even has its own winery and makes for an intriguing mixture of the historical and modern, both in the restaurant as well as in the themed guest rooms of the adjacent hotel.

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