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Tobias Bätz

A Michelin-starred chef who conjures up exquisite German country cuisine

Tobias Bätz is a true gourmet craftsman. Together with his team and patron Alexander Herrmann, the head chef at AURA knows how to combine modern, innovative cuisine with local traditions to surprise and delight guests. It is no coincidence that two of the coveted Michelin stars have been shining above the restaurant in Wirsberg since 2019. His product philosophy: consistently regional. Together with his food scout, he has built up a network of around 60 partners and farmers in the region so that he can influence the quality of the food used right from the start. The common denominator: quality, sustainability and a sense of home. Supposedly exotic ingredients from regional cultivation open up almost limitless culinary possibilities.

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Tobias Bätz

Restaurant AURA

Wirsberg, Germany
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Posthotel Alexander Herrmann offers a unique gourmet experience with a two Michelin-starred restaurant ‘Aura by Alexander Herrmann & Tobias Bätz’, and a modern twist on traditional cuisine at ‘oma & enkel’ bistro. Enjoy the finest regional products curated by our Foodscout at the attached Future Lab ‘Anima’.

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INNOVATION AWARD – in cooperation with Olitalia

“Food is evolution; by driving excellent innovation, new traditions will emerge. Innovation is the key to progress. Chef Tobias Bätz from Restaurant AURA, Germany is the winning chef in this category, Tobias demonstrates the very best in gourmet cuisine, and with respect to culinary heritage, and constantly creates unexpected experiences and unique pleasures. Using state-of-the-art techniques, Tobias develops inspiring Gastronomy and innovative dishes for a new era. In cooperation with Olitalia we honour him for his authenticity in the pursuit of both excellence and creativity.