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Cornelia Poletto

Chef Cornelia Poletta knows that all good parties start and end in the kitchen. Cooking, of course, has always been a huge passion of hers. It’s a passion that she also nurtures outside her restaurant, in her kitchen at home. Whenever the chef has friends over, she serves them fresh pasta vongole, or great cheese with an excellent glass of wine. Simple, pure, and without any fuss. Just like her dishes at restaurant Cornelia Poletto. But next to that, Cornelia is also interested in people and their stories. As a cook and host, she wonderfully combines her love for cooking and people at her dining spot. For her. It’s all about celebrating togetherness – and food is a great means to do that.

Cornelia Poletto

Hamburg, Germany
MdH Membre d'Honneur

At her Italian fine-dining restaurant, chef Cornelia Poletto proves that it’s actually possible to squeeze 301,338 square kilometers of Italy into 100 square meters of Hamburg. This cozy spot is based on the idea of ​​the traditional Italian “Gastronomia”: a delicatessen shop where you can comfortably linger around. Chef Cornelia beautifully showcases her love of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine – whether it’s her cooking behind the stove or what you see on the shelves of her restaurant-and-shop-in-one. Thanks to the open kitchen, you get an insight into how Cornelia works her magic. Enjoy the chef’s fine gastronomy in the intimate dining area, at the bar, or on the sunny terrace. Traditional Italian hospitality included.

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