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Maurizio Oster

Chef Maurizio Oster, a born-and-bred northern-German, rules the kitchen at restaurant Zeik. Already as a young boy, Maurizio loved to stomp through the large vegetable garden at home. As a result, his culinary style is heavily influenced by his origins.  Chef Maurizio’s culinary inspiration is roused by northern-German ingredients like kale, swede, and onions. He is passionate about regional products, but also draws inspiration from international recipes. Mario aims to extract as much flavour and emotion as possible from a single product, without overusing it.


Hamburg, Germany
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Located in the popular tourist hotspot Hamburg is restaurant Zeik. This fine-dining establishment is a true culinary pearl in a cosmopolitan city. Inside, the restaurant has a modern ambiance, perfectly complementing the edible art presented on the plate.

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