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Michael Oettinger

A Michelin-starred chef-owner who conjures up delicious French cuisine

Chef Michael Oettinger was born in Fellbach-Schmiden in 1979. He started his cooking career by working as an apprentice in the kitchen of his parents' business, Hotel Hirsch. Having developed his culinary finesse, Michael took over the management of Oettinger's Restaurant in 2005, together with his brother Martin. Receiving one Michelin star for his high-quality cuisine, he now works his magic as a head chef. His brother Martin takes care of the commercial affairs.

Success does not lie in worshiping the ashes, but in passing on the fire.

Michael Oettinger


Fellbach-Schmiden, Germany
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Oettinger's Restaurant is the culinary heart of Hotel Hirsch in Fellbach. Here, you can lavishly indulge in modern French cuisine with a regional twist. It’s sophisticated without being stuffy. The restaurant’s kitchen is the playground of patron and Michelin star chef Michael Oettinger. Responsible for the gastronomy in his parents’ hotel, Michael continues a more than 100-year long family tradition. Now, thanks to his efforts, this intimate dining spot is of Germany’s top gourmet addresses. This characteristic family-run hotel and restaurant are beautifully situated on the outskirts of Stuttgart. Right next to the hotel lies a heritage-protected farmhouse with a wine bar that serves traditional cuisine, including a number of Swabian specialties.

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