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Nicolai P. Wiedmer

Nicolai P. Wiedmer: exploring new culinary frontiers at Restaurant Eckert

Welcome to our blog post featuring chef Wiedmer, the esteemed chef and owner of Restaurant Eckert. With a talented team of 30 culinary professionals by his side, Wiedmer consistently pushes the envelope in gastronomy, offering dishes that evoke a sense of home while simultaneously exploring new culinary landscapes. As a key player in the regional food industry, Wiedmer's influence goes beyond his kitchen, establishing him as a genuine pioneer in culinary innovation. Continue reading to learn more about his unique cooking style, favourite dishes, go-to ingredients, trusted suppliers, and much more.


Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany
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At Restaurant Eckert in Grenzach-Wyhlen, Nicolai P. Wiedmer skillfully marries French culinary opulence with the subtlety of Asian flavours. In a refined environment complemented by Hotel Eckert's superb hospitality, your dining experience becomes an extraordinary event. Continue reading to find out what makes this restaurant a true culinary jewel.

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Describing the culinary style of Nicolai Wiedmer

At Restaurant Eckert, chef Wiedmer and his team infuse their dishes with heartfelt passion. Their creations reflect the flavors and inspirations that captivate them at any given moment. With a masterful blend of rich Franco-Philic influences and light Asian cuisines, their culinary exploration takes guests on a memorable journey of taste and sensory delight.

Chef Wiedmer's preferred dish

During the winter season, Wiedmer's penchant for deep, intense broths shines through, often accompanied by flavorful dumplings that warm the soul. As summer arrives, his focus shifts to the world of raw fish, crafting tantalizing dishes such as ceviche, sashimi, and tataki. The freshness and vitality of these creations embody the essence of the season.

Unveiling the favorite ingredient

Among chef Wiedmer's cherished ingredients, citrus fruits hold a special place in his heart. The enchanting aromas and tangy flavours of Amalfi lemon, yuzu, Buddha's hand, kalamansi, and kaffir lime elevate the dining experience, infusing each dish with a vibrant and invigorating twist.

Noteworthy Suppliers and Producers

Wiedmer maintains a flourishing partnership with JRE-Origin Winery, Höfflin, situated in Bötzingen on the Kaiserstuhl. The ""Weinwerkstatt"" collection from this esteemed winery has captured his interest, featuring exceptional wines that beautifully complement his culinary creations.

Overcoming challenges in Wiedmer's career

Taking the reins as the head chef of Eckert at the tender age of 22 presented Wiedmer with a significant challenge. Finding a dedicated team to support his culinary visions was no small feat. However, his determination and hard work paid off, leading to invaluable lessons learned and the assembly of an exceptional team.