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Unique high-quality wines

Weingut Künstler

We paint taste pictures

Since 1648, the Künstler winery has been family-owned. They operated their winery 80 km north of Vienna until the end of World War II, in the municipality of Untertannowitz, South Moravia, which today belongs to the Czech Republic.  In 1965, Franz Künstler reestablished the winery in Hochheim am Main/Rheingau after being expelled and expropriated from the homeland that existed since the 12th century. Numerous tastings and awards were won as a result of his strict quality philosophy. Since 1992, the winery has been managed by his son Gunter Künstler, who continues his father's philosophy together with his wife Monika and his young, very committed team.

Gunter Künstler

One man, countless passions

What’s in a name: "We paint taste pictures", says winemaker Gunter Künstler about his work. To bottle a vintage, a winemaker needs 15 months of work. Then and only then is the wine a work of art - and perfect in taste, aroma and harmony. These criteria matter much more to Gunter than the analytical values in determining the quality.

Hochheimer Stein Spätburgunder Vdp. first layer'dry
The Pinot Noir from the stone thrives on lime marl. This gives the wine its deep and concentrated Burgundy character.
Hochheimer Hölle Riesling Cabinet dry
Our Riesling from Hölle has monumental power and mineral elegance at the same time.
Hochheimer Stielweg Vdp. first lage Riesling dry
These old vines, planted in 1964, produce small, highly aromatic berries.

"JRE wants to bring joy with luxury food and we want that too! We are united by the best food, the best wines, emotional experiences and the goal of making healthy eating a trend in Germany."

Gunter Künstler

Owner Weingut Künstler

Rheingau region

The Rhine's change of course on its way north for 35 km and flow west is a miracle of nature. Hochheim, Gunter’s hometown, is the only Rheingau wine-growing community located directly on the Main. In this area, just before the river flows into the Rhine, the river forms a cone that faces south and is not shaded either east or west. In this region, the king of white wines, Riesling, has a unique southern exposure, while the Taunus, which rises to 880 meters, protects the vines from the cold winds of the north. Due to their favourable orientation and light reflection, both rivers are ideal for vineyards.

Künstler’s wines

Those who purchased wine from Berry Brothers in London in 1896 would find a large variety of Rheingau Rieslings under the term "HOCK" on the sales list at that time. This term, modified from the place name Hochheim, is a synonym for outstanding Rhine wines in the English-speaking world. During that time, the white Rheingau was the best wine in the world. The truly valuable "HOCK" wines are still made in Hochheim from excellent vineyards such as Domdechaney, Kirchenstück, Hölle, and Stielweg.

The quality

A vineyard's quality cannot be increased in the cellar, only maintained. Because of this, Weingut Künstler places a high priority on environmentally friendly, natural, and quality-oriented vineyard care. This includes the greening and sometimes also the covering of the rows of vines, as well as the timely and professional work on the vines, from pruning to selective harvesting. The work done in spring and summer lays the foundation for a successful autumn. The goal of Weingut Künstler is to process only healthy, very ripe grapes. To do this, aeration of the grape zone during vineyard development is extremely important.


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Weingut Künstler - Gunter Künstler Geheimrat-Hummel-Platz 1a 65239 Hochheim am Main Germany

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