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High-quality Blonde d'Aquitaine beef

Hof Keil

Hof Keil: high-quality Blonde d'Aquitaine beef

The agricultural family business of Heiner and Claudia Keil is located in the former high moors of southern Westmünsterland, in the middle of idyllic nature reserves. Here, the Keil family runs the farm with a focus on species-appropriate suckler cow husbandry and attaches great importance to animal-friendly and sustainable agriculture. Hof Keil stands for the preservation of valuable habitats through grazing the land, sustainable, transparent and natural agriculture and honest meat quality.

Hof Keil

Reken, Germany

Heiner Keil

Born on the Keil farm in the Westphalian Münsterland, Heiner Keil was raised with farming. Originally run as a conventional farm since 1963, Heiner and his partner Claudia decided to completely convert the family business to species-appropriate suckler cow husbandry in 2012.  Heiner Keil is a passionate farmer and takes great care to make sure the animals and the customers are cared for. His mission: to provide animal-friendly care, along with excellent employee support, while coordinating the supply chain from calving to slaughter.

Porterhouse steak
The Porterhouse steak is cut from the flat roast beef with the bone still attached. The intense flavour is characteristic of this cut. The Porterhouse steak is ideal for grilling.
Juicy beef ham
Served with fresh rye bread and good butter, this homemade beef ham is exquisite.
Seared and then slowly stewed in the oven, the tender roulades from the top shell are traditionally filled with cucumber, onions, and bacon.

“Our family business Hof Keil stands for quality, transparency and sustainable agriculture. Because of this, we are glad to be part of the JRE network of like-minded individuals.”

Heiner Keil

Owner Hof Keil

Suckler cow husbandry – raising the animals appropriately

The beef cattle at Hof Keil are of the Blonde d'Aquitaine/Angus and Taurus breeds of suckler cows. They live together as a family from March to November on the surrounding nature conservation pastures in the middle of Münsterland. Here, the animals find varied food and can move around undisturbed.  The animals live in a herd and are inseminated naturally. The calves stay with their mother cow for nine months. The milk from the cows is exclusively for the calves. In their role as landscape conservationists, the animals ensure the ecologically valuable nature reserves with their high biodiversity remain protected. To protect them from the weather, the animals live in modern open stables on straw during the winter months and are fed with grass, hay and corn from the farm’s own production. What’s more, the animals also have sufficient space inside the stables. Massage brushes ensure the well-being of the suckler cows. Because of this species-appropriate, natural husbandry, the beef is consistently of a high quality.

From breeding to slaughter – all in one place

Heiner, Claudia, and the entire farm community strive to provide stress-free and species-appropriate living conditions for the animals. With the construction of their own country butcher's shop with on-site slaughtering in 2017, a big dream came true for the family. The animals are slaughtered in the farm's own butcher's shop.  The animals are spared the stress of transport and the unfamiliar surroundings of a large slaughterhouse. Slaughtering couldn't be more gentle. From the procreation, birth and rearing of the animals to the time of slaughter – everything comes from a single source at Hof Keil. This is another building block for the quality of the premium meat.  All animals grow up on the farm, are at least 24 months old and graze on the surrounding nature conservation pastures for two whole summers. The processed meat and sausage products are of premium quality and are made in the farm’s own butcher's shop. A long-held conviction prevents the use of flavour enhancers and additives in production.

Maximum enjoyment: that's what we work for

Hof Keil stands for sustainability, regionality and appreciation along the entire production chain. You can clearly taste this in the honest and sustainable high-quality products.


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Hof Keil Hadenbrok 9 48734 Reken Germany

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Hof Keil