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Excellent cold-pressed olive oil

Jordan Olivenöl

Jordan Olivenöl: excellent cold-pressed olive oil

They taste the best when they’re small and almost black. Yes, we’re talking about olives. Two of the finest olive varieties, the Adramitiani and the Kolovi, only grow in the groves of the Greek island of Lesbos. That’s why two generations of the Jordan family have been living and working there since 1989. Each year, the family harvests no less than 600 olive trees and sells their products all over the globe. The family’s company is currently run by owner Bastian Jordan and has a clear philosophy: cultivating a fair partnership with its Greek friends and business partners to ensure exceptional quality at an honest price for customers. In doing so, Bastian aims to produce one of the world’s best olive oils.

Jordan Olivenöl

Solingen, Germany

Bastian Jordan

Owner Bastian Jordan is a born olive farmer. As a little kid, he was climbing olive trees, to get a good view of the surrounding sea. And from an early age, he was already involved in the olive cultivation of his parents’ company, Jordan Olivenöl. Bastian initially studied to become an industrial clerk. But eventually, he changed his mind and joined his family’s business. Today, he runs the business in Hilden, but when it’s time to harvest, he still travels to Lesbos to help.

Together we put the sustainable future on the plate.

Jordan extra virgin olive oil
This fruity mild high-quality olive oil is manufactured by the third generation of the German Jordan family on the Greek island of Lesbos, made from olives from their own olive groves and friendly smallholder families. This olive oil is incredibly popular and is regarded as the standard in high-end gastronomy.
Feta from Lesbos
From the farmers' olive groves, the goats and sheep receive the herbs they need for their milk, which creates this delicious feta cheese. They are milked by hand only once a day and produce just under a liter of milk. As a result, our cheese tastes distinctive and unique.
Olive oil cheese “Ladotyri”
This special olive oil cheese is dry-aged, then dipped in olive oil for at least four weeks, aged and then packaged covered in olive oil. Herbs from the farm’s olive groves are fed to the sheep and goats from whose milk this delicious feta cheese is made.
Jordan Original white organic balsamic vinegar
This white balsamic vinegar is made from the Roditis vine, grown in a winery on the Greek peninsula of Peloponnese. A soft sweetness, a long finish, and only 5% acidity are characteristics of this barrel-aged vinegar.

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Bastian Jordan

Owner Jordan Olivenöl 

A strong philosophy

Since 1989, Jordan Olivenöl has adhered to the same philosophy. It consists of a fair partnership with their Greek friends and business partners, and exceptional quality at fair prices for their customers. The goal: to produce the best olive oil ever.  To date, the company’s quality has been confirmed with well over a hundred awards worldwide. These include awards in London, New York, Zurich, Jerusalem, Verona and Athens. According to Bastian Jordan himself, the greatest reward is every single connoisseur who tells him how much they enjoy his Jordan olive oil. In addition, many of his friends are among the best German chefs.

Jordan Olivenöl’s history

Bastian Jordan's grandparents Doris and Thomas have been touring Lesbos since the 1970s. Together with Bastian's parents Heidi and Rolf they fulfilled a lifelong dream by purchasing a plot of land with a hundred olive trees and building a home here, where they started harvesting olives in 1989 and initially produced olive oil for their own use. Bastian Jordan turned the production of olive oil into this vocation. The numbers might dazzle you: more than one thousand olive trees now grow on the Jordan family's property and over one hundred smallholder families on Lesbos harvest over fifty thousand of the island's eleven million olive trees.

Emphasis on sustainability

Due to the fact that one liter of olive oil binds approximately 10 kg of CO2, the family is increasingly contributing to a positive climate balance. Bastian Jordan believes you should always aim to combine tradition with sustainability.  Together with the Lesbos cheese dairy, he revived the old tradition of olive oil cheese on Lesbos. Several years ago, he developed pure organic vinegar as a white balm in collaboration with a winemaker on the Greek mainland, now available as Jordan Original. These traditional products perfectly fit into the sustainable philosophy of Jordan Olivenöl and contribute to a greener world.


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