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The best way to experience butter.


Butter Boyz: the best way to experience butter.

The Butter Boyz met in 2011 in the gastronomic capital of France, Lyon. Butter is a very significant ingredient in French cuisine. There are still some producers who make butter in a butter churn, a traditional method. During our apprenticeship with Paul Bocuse, we, the Butter Boyz, were lucky enough to taste the best French butter. Our memories of the taste and texture of this butter persist to this day.  After several years in the catering and hotel industry, it became clear to us that there is no butter in Germany or Austria that can evoke these memories or that even comes close to the taste. This is why we decided to take matters into our own hands. Our goal was to create unique taste experiences from the best Bavarian products and the best Allgäu casserole butter and to make our butter known throughout the country.


Regen, Germany

Moritz Oswald & Fabio Cestari de Mesquita

The story of Butter Boyz began in 2011, in Lyon, France's gastronomic capital. Moritz Oswald and Fabio Cestari de Mesquita completed their training with none other than Paul Bocuse and fell in love with the incomparable taste and creamy texture of the best French butter. Butter is a very important ingredient in French cuisine and some producers still make it in the traditional way in a butter churn.  They couldn't forget this unique taste. After several years in the catering and hotel industry, they realized that there is not a single product in Austria and Germany that can compete with this butter in terms of taste. "From then on, our decision was quickly made," says Moritz. "There isn't anything comparable in Germany - so we do it ourselves!"

Fruity butter variation with figs & anise.
Honey & Mustard Butter SWEET, SPICY, SMOKY
Refined with lightly smoked honey & mustard
Creamy, intensely flavoured, incomparably delicate and creamy and delicately nutty. Here you can taste the specialty of the hand-moulded Butter Boyz butter.
Butter made with porcini mushrooms – a true flavour explosion!

"The strength of the JRE is that it brings together producers and restaurateurs who enjoy the same values. Product quality, respect for the products, and customer satisfaction are paramount."

Moritz Oswald & Fabio Cestari de Mesquita

Owners Butter Boyz

Everything in butter

A continuous process is used to make butter now, which entails shaking milk and applying thermal shock to transform it into butter. Traditionally, milk used to be chilled for several days to allow the cream to settle on top. This cream was then finally placed in a butter churn and then "buttered". To produce sour cream butter, which tastes slightly sour and is more aromatic than sweet cream butter, cultures were added to the cream. These cultures were left to mature for several hours.

High-quality, regional, seasonal & handcrafted

Eventually, the butter was kneaded to become smoother and more flavorful, and salted or unsalted. We at Butter Boyz take this traditional manufacturing process very seriously and therefore only use sour cream barrel butter for our products, as this is the only way for the butter to develop its full aroma. We knead it on wood for a long time before combining it with the best ingredients and delivering it to you either in its natural state or salted.


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Butter Boyz Stadtplatz 21 94209 Regen Germany

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