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The best Bavarian shrimp

Honest Catch

Honest Catch: the best Bavarian shrimp

Honest Catch, which has locations in Munich and Langenpreising, specializes in breeding brine shrimp in Bavaria as one of the world's leading land-based aquaculture enterprises. Additionally, it has a seafood boutique offering sustainable and high-quality seafood. The company's products are sold to commercial customers in the catering and food retail sectors, as well as to private customers via its own online shop and two stores in the DACH region.

Honest Catch

München, Germany

Fabian Riedel

In times of globalized supply chains, Honest Catch sees itself as a pioneer of future-oriented, sustainable and transparent food production. It should come as no surprise that Honest Catch was awarded the Bavarian Founder's Prize in 2017.

Bavarian shrimp
Bavarian shrimp are grown in a manner appropriate for the species, with low stocking densities, free of antibiotics wherever they are consumed.

"JRE pays great attention to regional products and high quality, and do not like to use any manufacturers. This is why they are a perfect network for us."

Fabian Riedel

Owner Honest Catch


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HONEST CATCH Leopoldstraße 171 80804 München Germany

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Honest Catch

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