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Delicious fruit juices

Obstkelterei van Nahmen

Obstkelterei van Nahmen: delicious fruit juices

In 1917, Peter van Nahmen's great-grandfather initially founded the company as a Rhenish apple herb factory. In 1930, Peter's grandfather, who had converted the business to juicing apples from the local area, took over. From him, the business was handed to Peter's father. The current owner of the company took over the operations in 2005 and has been producing single-variety fruit juices since then.  In a short time, Peter van Nahmen expanded the modest "juice shop" into a nationwide renowned winery. His team of employees is also partly responsible for this, which he believes is characterized by an understanding of the value of good raw materials. The close partnership with the fruit suppliers is also a quality feature of Van Nahmen juices. Peter knows each fruit grower personally.

Peter van Nahmen

Juicer since childhood

According to Peter van Nahmen, his company's philosophy is "feeling responsible and preserving and continuing tradition". This is without question the basis of the family business. His passion, however, is the pleasure of managing and developing himself, the desire to continually improve the variety and to create innovative and modern fruit products. In Berlin's Bellevue Palace, Peter and his team are honoured to present the Van Nahmen gourmet juices to guests during the annual citizens' festival of the Federal President.

Fruit-secco apple & quince (organic)
The Van Nahmen Fruit-secco apple & quince is a dry, fruity aperitif with 100% sparkling fruit and 0% alcohol, in organic quality.
Apple juice from the meadow orchards (organic)
Because the taste and aroma of the apples depend on how ripe they are, only late-harvested apples up to 80 years old are used. This is the only way the apple juice gets its intense taste. This organic apple juice from meadow orchards from Van Nahmen convinces with a combination of subtle sweetness and juicy, fresh acidity.
Sparkling juicy tea Rose-Darjeeling-Rhubarb (organic)
Composition is the key to a top-class cuvée. The mildly floral aroma of the Darjeeling tea harmonizes with the slightly sour juice of red-stemmed rhubarb of the ”Sutton” and “Raspberry” varieties from local cultivation. A few drops of rose water complete the recipe.

"We are united by our interest in perfection and the best possible quality of our exciting and innovative products."

Dr. Peter van Nahmen

Owner Obstkelterei van Nahmen GmbH & Co. KG

The Lower Rhine

North Rhine-Westphalia is a meadow orchard paradise. “With its mild climate, the Rhine delta on the lower Lower Rhine is particularly suitable for fruit production," says juice expert Van Nahmen. In addition to this, his company has also been maintaining local meadow orchards since 1994, with the support of the Nature Conservation Union (NABU). Peter has agreed with the orchard owners from the Münsterland and the Lower Rhine that they will only supply ripe and unsprayed high-stem fruit.  Peter even pays them a higher price for this. This way, meadow orchards can be preserved and replanted. Incorporating ecological and economic aspects, as well as substitute biotopes for endangered bird species such as black-tailed godwits, redshanks, corncrakes, black and common terns, and a variety of duck species. Peter is also committed to preserving this unique natural environment. As part of the campaign to plant old fruit varieties, over 18.000 fruit trees have already been planted.

Juice for star restaurants

Only the best fruit is allowed to enter a Van Nahmen bottle. The apples of the Constantinople apple quince don't come from Turkey, and neither do the gray reindeer's antlers come from France. It is exclusively locally grown fruit from the Lower Rhine and from the Münsterland that give these juices from the single-variety gourmet juice series their particularly intense taste.  Additionally, they have a wonderful aroma after they have been musted, with their wonderful acid-sugar ratio – and that's completely natural. Also, the pear, plum, grape and sour cherry juices are typical of the old, traditional fruit varieties. The van Nahmen range includes more than 30 fruit juices and nectars, as well as cider and – for wine lovers who want to avoid alcohol – single-variety grape juices.

Award-winning quality

The fourth generation of the family business is continuing the proven, artisan cider tradition and pressing all local fruits themselves. In this way, Van Nahmen has had an influence on the quality from the very beginning. In terms of quality, the private press is consistent, and the in-house standards are all above the legal requirements. This endeavour pays off: every year, the fruit juices are awarded by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). In 2020, Van Nahmen was awarded the Federal Prize for Fruit Drinks by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.


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Obstkelterei van Nahmen GmbH & Co. KG Dr. Peter van Nahmen Diersfordter Straße 27 46499 Hamminkeln Germany

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